You won’t have heard anything like this before

This week’s mix comes from enigmatic electronica/folky experimentalist Kippi Kaninus. Hailing from Iceland, Kippi has been quietly crafting his weird and wonderful tunes since 2001, and describes his music as “fast, slow, theatrical, absurd, beaty, cheerful”. It is all of those things and much more. In fact, it’s a far better example of folktronica – as in the literal blending of traditional folk music and electronica – than pretty much anyone else who’s been labelled as such, due to Kippi’s fascinating and accomplished use of Gamelan sounds, offbeat electronica rhythms, drones and Mum-like harmonies.

Kippi’s mix for Clash reflects the eclectic influences and sounds which have shaped his music. Quite simply, you won’t have heard anything like this before. Combining heavy percussion with Gamelan sounds, electronic textures, folk, Ennio Morricone seventies soundtracks and dark-as-you-like samples, this is a truly unique mix…

5 October marks Kippi’s UK debut proper, with the release of his marvellous and beautiful album ‘Happens Secretly’ – put out on a limited release in 2005, but not able to be enjoyed fully in the UK until now. Read ClashMusic's review of 'Happens Secretly' HERE.


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Kippi Kaninus Dj Mix Tracklisting

01. Intro + Bubbi, live at Laekjartorg, Reykjavik 1981

02. Sex Education - Wet Dreams

03. 1-2-3, The Devil’s After Me

04. Harry Partch - Hunger, Thirst, Shouts, Dance!

05. Jim White - Hey! You Going My Way???

06. Wet dreams - Kippi Kaninus/the choir Schola Cantorum

07. Ennio Morricone - Rodeo

08. Tabala Wolof - Laye Laye

09. Gamelan Semar Pegulingan - Lasem

10. Kippi Kaninus - Heroic

11. John Cage - Two Pastorales for Prepared Piano

12. EM quartet - Bata

13. Kippi Kaninus - Vibgyor


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