An exclusive mix from the inspired new electronica producer

Here’s one to sit up and make you take notice: an exclusive mix from an inspired new electronica producer: Kingbastard, otherwise known as Chris Weeks. If you haven’t already heard, he quietly released one of the finest and most original electronic albums of 2009 – ‘Tied up to Machines’.

Though it didn’t get anywhere near the amount of recognition it should have done, the album remains essential listening for anyone with even a passing interest in bleeps and beats. Full of glitchy IDM and skittish rhythms, ‘Tied up to Machines’ recalls moments of Plaid and Aphex at their most playful with an underlying dose of Skam-esque weird hop, whilst a coherent musical narrative somehow gels everything together.

A quick scan of the tracklisting for Kingbastard’s Clash mix reveals the eclecticism of Weeks’ musical preferences, which all somehow find their way into his own tunes as well as making for a belting listen by themselves. Kid 606, LCD Soundsystem, Hudson Mohawke and Simian Mobile Disco make all make an appearance, as do some leftfield choices like N.W.A and Radiohead. Finally, Weeks’ plays out with the brilliant Hawking-does-freestyling vibe of ‘Rewind’, by electro weirdo Cylob.

All in all, a slice of exemplar electronica with some great curveballs weaved in. If bastardliness is measured in musical prowess, this one certainly deserves his kingship.


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Kingbastard Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Ass Scratch Beaver - Kid 606

2. Wooden - Simian Mobile Disco

3. Jo - Mr.Oizo

4. Bubblicious - Rex The Dog

5. Fuckingham Palace - Alter Ego

6. Polkadot Blues - Hudson Mohawke

7. Just For The Kick – Coldcut

8. Disco Infiltrator - LCD Soundsystem

9. Fog – Radiohead

10. Express Yourself (remix) - N.W.A

11. Someone 20 – Benga

12. Iacon – Milanese

13. Midwinter Log - Mu-ziq

14. Rewind - Cylob

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22. Shir Khan

23. Oliver Huntemann

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25. GusGus

26. Echaskech

27. Jack Sparrow

28. Kippi Kaninus

29. The Keyboard Choir

30. Claude VonStroke

31. Drop The Lime

32. Groove Armada's Tom Findlay

33. Marcel Knopf

34. Luke Slater

35. Bass Clef

36. Nina Walsh

37. Guy Gerber

38. Allez-Allez

39. LOPAZZ and Casio Casino

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