Aphex, Vibert, Lindstrom and Moderat? Oh, go on then
The Keyboard Choir

Right then, this week we hand your eardrums over to the very capable Keyboard Choir, to soothe and excite. Keyboard Choir formed in 1994, using a traditional band setup to perform using purely electronic sources and ‘found sounds’. The result is a massively enjoyable concoction of crafted but organic-sounding electronica, enjoyed by – amongst many others – musical genius Brian Eno. A seal of approval if ever there was one.

Quite simply, KC’s exclusive mix is rammed to the rafters with marvellous electronica, no messing, confirmed by a quick glance at the tracklist – Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Clark, Mr Oizo, Gang Gang Dance… and not just tracks picked at random, mind – Keyboard Choir have obviously got their heads screwed on right, having picked some absolute belters, including the skittish brilliance of Mr Oizo’s ‘Erruer Jean’ and the best track by far (‘A New Error) from the Moderat album.

There are also some fine tracks from the Choir themselves – blending in perfectly with business at hand – taken from their acclaimed ‘Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound’ album and ‘Electrical Unity’ EP.

There’s even a rather nifty Little Boots track. BUT WAIT, sit down, it’s ok – it’s a remix. And a good one at that, undertaken by Kid Who. Phew.

To conclude: Aphex, Vibert, Lindstrom, Moderat and more all in the same 30 mins? Oh, go on then, if you must. And turn it up while you’re there.


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Keyboard Choir Dj Mix Tracklisting

01. Transine – Keyboard Choir

02. Lowlife – Subway

03. Blue Nile – Gang Gang Dance

04. Click (Kid Who remix) – Little Boots

05. The Shiver – Keyboard Choir

06. A New Error – Moderat

07. Erreur Jean – Mr Oizo

08. For Wolves Crew – Clark

09. Techno Returns – Cave

10. Crying In Your Face – AFX

11. Comfycozy – Luke Vibert

12. Stagger – Keyboard Choir

13. The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas edit) – Lindstrøm

14. Strider’s World – Omar S

15. Turnstile Blues – Autolux

16. Tokyo At Night – Keyboard Choir


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