Part two - Heartbreak

Our second DJ Podcast mix sees us going retro on y’all by allowing marvellous new electro duo Heartbreak to take the reins.

Appearing suddenly from the ether not all that long ago, Heartbreak have already gathered much deserved praise from the channels that actually matter (our very fine publication included of course), with their recent, rather dazzling, debut album ‘Lies’ receiving similarly justified acclaim. A certain Aphex Twin has also sung their praises, and he’s rumoured to know a thing or two about music.

Basically, these boys know how to muck about with things in the very best way, a quality perfectly captured in their mix, which veers from marvellously 80s synth-led pop to hard techno (from Jeff Mills, no less). Fair enough. But then, just when you think you’ve got your loaf round that, they only go and throw in a bit of fucking BLACK SABBATH to weird things up a little more. Clever bastards.

And slotted perfectly into the middle of things, there’s some classic Casio-wave genius from the brilliantly named Pluton & The Humanoids, with vocoder usage from before vocoders were even cool. Things are finished up almost wistfully with a number from John Carpenter’s cult flick ‘Escape From New York’ – a devilishly clever and fitting way of drawing the final curtain.

So just who are these hip young cats and what’s their story? They are Argentine singer Sebastian Muravchix and producer Ali Renault, and in the past few months they’ve started causing a stir by unashamedly taking the finest elements of ‘80s synth-pop, mixing it with their own brand of ‘Italo-disco’ and anything else they bloody well fancy, and turning it into a far more interesting, trippy and generally advanced musical beast than the ‘80s could ever have spawned.

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The Heartb reak mix tracklisting -

Den Harrow - Charleston (Baby records)

Rude 66 - As (Nicolas Courtin rmx) (Creme organization)

Magnus International - Kosmetisk (Full Pupp)

Koto - Visitors (Memory)

Romano Bais - Dial my number (Many)

Pluton & The Humanoids - World Invaders (VS)

Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave (Warner Bros)

Jeff Mills - Step to Enchantment (Axis)

Drexciya - Andrean Sand Dunes (Ttresor)

John Carpenter - Escape from New York (ZYX)

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