And a Q&A with the man himself
Drop The Lime

Don’t say we never treat you good, as this week we selflessly present you with a belting exclusive mix from New York bass monster and general dance music botherer Drop The Lime. And who better to wax lyrical on the mix than the man himself – Clash caught up with DTL to quiz him on the vitals.

Tell us a little about the mix and some of the tracks you included.

I was feeling clubby, so I took it there on this mix. Bringing in old and new – some of those old 90’s hardcore rave tunes have the same energy and attitude as today’s club music.

Your mix has quite a diverse feel – Little Boots to L-Vis 1990 to Brian Eno – how do you decide what goes into a mix? Does it depend on your mood at the time?

Definitely. I like to blend in what keeps me going, and what I’m listening to at home or DJing in the club when it comes to mixes. Create a story with the mix.
With this one in particular, it’s a story of a night on the town. The intro is getting ready with your crew at the flat, then you hit the club… there’s peaks and in-betweens when you leave the dancefloor to go and get a drink, and then party some more... then get home and go to sleep (that’s where the Eno came into play).

One distinctive thing about the mix is that it keeps re-grabbing your attention by dropping in something new. Is it important to you to keep things fresh in this way?

Always. Keep. Things. Fresh.

Some favourite tracks to play live?

At the moment, ‘Devil’s Eyes’ is a rise, because the crowd is singing along with me. Emalkay’s ‘When I Look At You’ is a big one as well… It’ll usually be my transition into the dubstep portion of my set and people get wild.

Loved the Major Lazer and Little Boots remixes – what makes a good remix in your opinion?

Create something brand new without losing the vibe and energy of the original.

Any new material coming up?

The Major Lazer 12” should be out shortly, and I’ve got a new single ‘Set Me Free’ dropping November 2nd on Trouble & Bass… It’s an epic club banger featuring vocalist Carrie Wilds.

You played a fair few festivals over the summer – how was it doing ‘the circuit’, and which were your favourite ones to play?

Soooo many. Dour was pretty incredible. All of us breaking backs on the stage…

I see you’re playing NYC on New Year’s Eve – that should be an interesting one… Looking forward to it?

I won’t be playing New Year’s Eve… the rest of the T&B crew will be. I’ll be making the big dollars out of town ;p


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Drop The Lime Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. DMS - Exterminate (Rush Mix)

2. Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Diplo mad B-Live mix)

3. Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Luca's club B-Live mix)

4. Drop The Lime _ Devils Eyes (Diplo mad B-Live mix)

5. Little Boots - New In Town (Drop The Lime dub)

6. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent

7. Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)

8. Drop The Lime - Come 2 Life (2009 Edit)

9. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Drop The Lime remix)

10. Will Bailey - Hit The Club

11. Zinc - Blunt Edge

12. L-VIS 1990 - Compass (Christian Martin remix)

13. Company B - Fascinated

14. Ghost Klub - Nite Pressures

15. The Potato Heads - Trumpet Dance

16. Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Lil Silva remix)

17. A1 Bassline - 8oh8

18. Mr. Vega - I Came To, You Came To (Udy remix)

19. Pirate Soundsystem - Pum Pum Head

20. Emalkay - When I Look At you

21. Doctor P - Badman Sound

22. Jinder - Youth Blood (12th Planet + Flinch remix)

23. Calvin Harris - 5iliconeator

24. Supremes - My World Is Empty Without You (Acapella)

25. Brian Eno - Sparrowfall (2)

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