Part nine - Digitonal

This week, we endeavour to prove once and for all that electronic music doesn’t have to consist solely of beats, bleeps and bass. Nosebleed techno has its place, for sure, but there’s so much more to the spectrum than repetitive 4/4 kickdrum-led tracks. Our ninth mix from Andy Dobson – founder and originally sole member of Digitonal – is concrete proof of the wider applications of electronic music.

Reminiscent of some of the more atmospheric members of the Warp Records roster from a few years ago – some of Plaid’s loveliest moments spring to mind – Andy’s mix explores the dreamier side of electronica, and contains some moments of real beauty.

Drenched in strings and melodic keys, everything here is full of atmospheric ambience and subtly joyous chord changes, put together by someone who knows their subject matter intimately. In fact, such is Andy’s expertise, that for most of the forty minutes it’s near impossible to tell where individual tracks begin and end, as sounds melt seamlessly into one another.

Featuring work from renowned contemporary composers Max Richter and John Metcalfe – as well as Digitonal themselves and acts from the band’s former label, Seed Records – Andy’s mix explores the crossover between electronic and classical, exposing the similarities in composition and melody in both forms.

Described as cinematic electronica, Digitonal’s work continues to blur the boundaries of electronica and classical, and has led to them receiving widespread respect from other musicians and critical acclaim from all. Initially a solo project for Andy, Digitonal is now a four-piece band, with their latest album, Save Your Light for Darker Days, released in September 2008. The outfit have also acquired an enviable reputation for their live shows, including performances at international classical festivals and the National Theatre.

Want to remember why you started listening to artists like Aphex Twin and Brian Eno all those years ago? It’s because of wonderful, beautiful music like the tracks selected here. I genuinely can’t praise Andy’s expertly crafted mix enough, so I’ll stop trying and instead hope that you’re sensible enough to have a listen.

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The Digitonal ClashMusic Dj Mix tracklisting -

Jvox - Cadona (n5md)

Elegi - Despotiets Vesen (Miasmah)

SonVer - Anonima (Disconnected Music)

Max Richter - Song for Yulia (130701/Fatcat)

Digitonal - Emberkreiss (Just Music)

Ochre - Lifewish (Benbecula)

Rena Jones - Driftwood (Native State)

Bola - Pfane pt1 (Skam)

Jon Hopkins - Searchlight (Just Music)

Posthuman - Beautiful Beast (Seed Records)

Vangelis - Chews Eye Shop (Esper Edition, Unreleased)

John Metcalfe - The Shock of Recognition (Big Chill)


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Taken from the acclaimed 'Save Your Light For Darker Days' album, Digitonal release 'Silver Poetry' alongside some prime remixes of 'A Lighter Touch', '93 Years On' and 'Gone' on the 'Silver Poetry' E.P. on March 16th.


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