From progressive minimal beats to glitchy tech-house

Here at Clash, we love a good yarn, and so it seems only fitting to hand over our hallowed weekly DJ mix slot to hotshot tech-house producer Claude VonStroke, who has, by all accounts, led a rather interesting life.

Hailing from Detroit, Barclay Crenshaw (the VonStroke moniker arose when he and some partied-up pals were making up fake European DJ names for a laugh) got to where he is by (unsuccessfully) asking Juan Atkins for a job, working as an assistant on some Hollywood uber-films, playing a load of warehouse parties (where he lost all of his music in an electrical outage), making an epic film on electronic music, and finally starting a record label, which – amongst other artists – has released two fine albums from VonStroke himself.

VonStroke’s exclusive Clash mix showcases the wide range of classy house styles for which he has become known, veering from progressive minimal beats to glitchy tech-house, all expertly weaved together. Artists on the mix include a range of talent from Vonstroke’s own dirtybird label (including Jacob Seville, Iz and Diz, and Sascha Braemer), other carefully selected acts, and – of course – some choice cuts from the man himself, which come from his hot-off-the-press second album ‘Bird Brain’ – a diverse, masterful and danceable record, released but a few days previous – October 19 – to the airing of his superb Clash mix.


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Claude VonStrokeDj Mix Tracklisting

1. Monster Island - Claude VonStroke (dirtybird)

2. Avec bon Bons (Worthy’s Chocolate Nut Mix) - Edu K (Anabatic)

3. Hickup Theme - Hickup (dirtybird)

4. We Love it Monkey Edit - Phiulip Bader & Nicone (Saved)

5. The Right Time - Mark Henning (Hypercolour)

6. Groovin - Jacob Seville (dirtybird)

7. Simpleman - Maetrik (mothership)

8. Go Loco (Dan Caster Remix) - Sascha Braemer (dirtybird)

9. Big n Round - Claude VonStroke – (dirtybird)

10. Magnificent (Justin Martin Remix) - Iz & Diz (dirtybird)

11. Vocal Chords - Claude VonStroke (dirtybird)

12. Jungler - Victor Vera & Mijal (Darkside Digital)

13. Grace (Justin Martin Remix) - Mike Monday (dirtybird)


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