Part 20 of our series

Next up to shove their way to the front of the decks for a mix is dubstep hotshot Caper.

Grabbing people’s attention last year in the best way possible – with a dirty, bass heavy marriage of dub and garage – Caper is a newbie to the dubstep scene but is sure to make a lasting impact if this mix is anything to go by.

From a collaboration between two critical faces of modern dubstep, Joker and Rustie, to the twisted industrial tones of Ital Tek to a dubbed-down mix of La Roux (fear not – it sounds nothing like La Roux thanks to up-and-coming producer Foamo, who turns it into something very listenable), Caper’s mix explores the many sides of contemporary dubstep, each with their own wonderful, grimy charm, and more than one or two heavy basslines along the way.

Also included in the mix is Caper’s own ‘Jump Up’ track, featuring Sweetie Irie, set to be the first release on new dub/ragga/garage label 10 Against One.

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Caper Dj Mix tracklisting -

01. La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix) // [White Label]

02. Ital Tek - Massive Error // [Planet Mu]

03. Caper - 1984 // [Unsigned]

04. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe // [Kapsize]

05. Nero - This Way // [Audio Freaks]

06. Caper ft Sweetie Irie - Jump Up // [10 Against One]

07. Babylon System - California Style // [Argon]

08. Bassnectar - Art Of The Revolution // [Amorphous Music]

09. 12th Planet - Be Blatent // [Smog]

10. Mungos Hi Fi - Dubplate Fi Dem // [Scrub A Dub]

11. Jellybass ft Brother Culture - No Love (Caper Remix) // [Air Recordings]

12. Nero - Night Thunder // [Z Audio]

13. Caper - Nocturnal // [10 Against One]

14. Scuba - Klinik // [Hotflush]

15. Martyn - All I Have Is Memories // [Apple Pips]

16. Caper - Poker Ghost // [Rocstar Recordings]

17. Tes La Rok - Livin Fire // [Sub Police]


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