When it all goes wrong...

Every DJ has one.

A night when everything that can possibly go wrong does - and it does so in spectacular fashion. ClashMusic brings you DJ Disasters, featuring some of the most respected figures in the dance world reminiscing about those moments when it all went badly wrong.

Real name Joshua Harvey, Herve has been tearing up clubs across Europe and beyond since 2008. With two instalments of 'Ghetto Bass' under his belt, the producer is almost continually in demand as a collaborator and remixer.

Travelling around the world, there are few countries Herve hasn't touched base with. Yet things don't always go to plan, as we discover...

- - -

I’m quite a nervous performer, I love DJing and playing to a crowd but for the first 5 minutes, for the first track or two I’m always quite on edge.

Now clearly the last thing you need in these situations is a technical failure. I can’t exactly remember where it was I was DJing but I was playing a set back to back with Sinden. We’d agreed that I would go on first and just before I was due to play my first track, my (paid for I have to add!!) copy of Ableton shut itself down and decided it was an unauthorized version!

Naturally peak time in the club with a dancefloor full of people waiting to be entertained heavy duty panic ensued, thankfully I was playing with Sinden that night and after some frantic bag rummaging he jumped on to DJ just as the last tune was starting to fade out.

Luckily I was able to find an unsecured internet connection, get online in the club, download a dodgy version of Ableton and quickly install it so that I could play my set!

It turns out my serial number was one of 10 that had been duplicated at the factory so they all refused to work because they thought it was installed on 10 computers. Luckily Ableton sorted it out and got me a new serial number, but it was pretty stressful and distressing, I often think about the other 9 people out there with the DJ’ing equivalent of a ticking time bomb waiting to go off when they least suspect it…

Still nerve wracking as that was it was still better than the time last summer when I was playing at the Big Chill festival. The promoters were ferrying us from the car park down to the stage in golf buggies, only our ‘chauffer’ had not only been enjoying himself all weekend but had somehow managed to find the only golf kart in the UK that could outrun a Maserati.

Cue one of the most harrowing 5 minutes of my life as we careered down the hill in this electric death trap, bouncing from pillar to post, holding to what little grip there was for dear mercy. The journey was finally cut short when we hit a mole hill, launched into the air and my face connected with the windscreen. Still the laptop worked fine that day so mustn’t grumble…

- - -

Herve is also a member of Machines Don't Care, whose new single 'Beat Dun Drop' is out on April 30th. Watch the video below.


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