When it all goes wrong...

Every DJ has one.

A night when everything that can possibly go wrong does - and it does so in spectacular fashion. ClashMusic brings you DJ Disasters, featuring some of the most respected figures in the dance world reminiscing about those moments when it all went badly wrong.

Bursting out of the Scottish city of Perth, Clouds are rapidly building an imposing reputation. A two-man DJ and production crew, the electro starlets have left scorched dancefloors across Europe.

Now linked to Turbo Recordings - owned by Tiga - Clouds are gearing up for a breakthrough year. Tracking down the Scottish pairing, they revealed their DJ Disaster...

- - -

Luckily we haven’t had any real ‘disasters’, although there have been a few gigs which have been quite shit. This one was particularly shit.

Having received a text from the promoter saying that he wasn’t going to meet us at the train station we asked a few people for directions before finally being driven to the hotel by a racist taxi driver. We checked into our single room to find only a double bed. To kill the next couple hours we watched TV in the nude and ordered in some pizzas.

The promoter showed up about an hour before we were due to go on and we walked down to the club. We went on and played some techno to perhaps 10 people but this number was diminishing with every track we played. Fed up with our selection one clubgoer came up to the decks with a request for ‘any music with bass in it?’ We informed him we had a few tracks with bass in them and they would be on shortly. Unsatisfied with the lack of bass from our most bass-heavy tracks he arrives again with a more specific request... ‘The track with the all bass in it’.

I wasn’t sure which track he meant so asked: ‘What one? What’s it called?’

He replied, ‘You know the one, the one that came out last week?’

I regretfully didn’t know the one that came out last week and after telling him so he pointed to the residents laptop and mentioned that I could get it from the internet or if that failed he explained that he ‘had it on his mobile phone’ and motioned towards me plugging his phone into the mixer so he could hear his track.

This went on for, say, 10 minutes. Trying to decipher vague requests given in a drunken, northern accent through a club system was going nowhere so I eventually said: ‘Sure, it’s going on next’.

15 minutes later a different chap is up at the decks - looking quite unpleased - he leans forward and begins. This time not a request, but feedback on how everything was going.
‘You have completely ruined my girlfriend’s 21st birthday, don’t you know music?’ He turned and left as quickly as he came.

By this time the club had emptied and all who remained was us and the bar staff who seemed to be quite embarrassed for us. We looked round for the promoter but he was nowhere to be seen, neither were any of the resident DJs. We decided to put everyone, including ourselves out of our misery and turned off the CDJs with an hour left until closing time.

We then embarked on the what seemed like the longest walk back to the hotel to clamber into our double bed.

- - -

Clouds have also given ClashMusic an exclusive stream of a brand new track - listen to 'Optic' below.


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