The best places to visit...

Sometimes it takes an outsider to truly know a city.

Someone who wasn't born there, someone who came of age in a different environment. Hailing from Manchester, David Shaw came to Paris late in life but almost immediately fell in love with the city.

Soaking himself in the Parisian dance scene, David Shaw began to make waves last year. Working on a new album, the English producer released preview EP 'Infected' on Monday (March 5th).

A cover of The The's 1986 track, 'Infected' comes backed with remixes from JD Twitch - of Optimo fame - and Max Pask, half of Populette.

Tracking down the producer, ClashMusic asked David Shaw to give us a short guide to Paris. Here's what he had to say.

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What is the first place someone should visit in Paris?
Oh that’s a tough one, as there are many beautiful places in Paris, one should see, but you can get a pretty good impression of the city, going through the Tuileries (if you come from Concorde) which leads you to the Louvre and its famous pyramid. It always leaves a strong impression.

What is the best restaurant?
This is a place which won’t be in tourist guides (one of my canteens) Le Petit Bleu, rue Muller in the 18th, the best couscous I’ve ever had so far… they’re not really friendly, but dead cheap, and meat is incredible.

Now for the best restaurant, my heart is torn between:
Le Belisaire, 2 rue Marmontel, just up the road from where I live, a bistrot, where the menus change everyday, typical french gastronomy at a high level. Philou, 12 Avenue Richerand, on the Canal St. Martin, is another bistrot, where the meat is also from another planet, wine list is excellent and the service is very good too!

What is the best bar?
Harry’s Bar, 5 rue Daunou at Opera, I went there a few times with my friend Rob (he’s a regular): it’s an American bar from the 1900’s (almost like a private Gentlemen’s club) you order your first cocktail, and then you (usually) let the waiters prepare the following drinks, in order to discover new ones! The cocktails are truly incredible, but very dangerous!

Chéri Bibi, is a bar/restaurant, where I go regularly, around 6/7 pm after the studio, and have a glass of white wine or a beer at the “comptoir”. The food is good too, and there’s a really nice vibe! (15 rue Andre Del Sarte in the 18th).

Where can you get the best view?
Well I love the view from the Pont du Carrousel, especially when I drove my scooter across it, coming back from a late night after a good party. Sometimes I would park my scooter and enjoy the moment, the view and the light in the morning is really something worth experiencing.

Name a real hidden gem about the city?
I‘ve always been fascinated by a building designed by Hector Guimard, Avenue Rapp, this would be my personal gem (actually I used to track down every building designed by him).

Is there something quite famous that really shouldn't be / is over-hyped in the city?
A bar in Le Marais, called La Perle!

Is there an activity you would really recommend doing?
Brunch at Milk rue d’orsel at the Abbesses, then go to 'La Halle St Pierre' if there’s a good exhibition, then to the Floreal for a beer (and if you’re really hungry, try the burger, just fantastic!), and to l’International to see underground gigs, for ex.

What is the best music venue?
I think we are blessed with good clubs/concert venues in general. In order of preference La Cigale, Le Point Ephémère, L’Olympia…

Favourite Parisian record shop?
Born Bad Records. Colette, Clément Vaché, in charge of the selection does a great job!

Favourite Parisian band?
Newcomers and upcoming act, Tristesse Contemporaine, have my full attention (released on Dirty). And I also like the band Frustration (released on Born Bad records).

Least favorite aspect about life in Paris?

Favorite Paris memory?
The first residency I had with Arnaud Rebotini, at the Pulp (we miss the Pulp so much!). Going to eat a kebab with a girl all dressed up like Linda Evans at 6am!

Most romantic spot?
'Le pont du Carrousel', again, at early hours!

Least romantic spot?
Chatelet Les Halles gives me the creeps!

Most romantic moment?
Walking by the Sacré Coeur in the pale moonlight to go and meet my girlfriend.

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David Shaw's new EP 'Infected' is out now.

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