Talk festival bedlam...

Some things just don't seem to go together.

Red and green, Scotland and World Cups.. the list goes on, and until recently 'dance music and spoken word poetry' would have been right at the top. That is, before Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip came to town.

Blending spoken word routines with inventive production, the duo's debut album became something of a cult favourite. 'Angles' was an utterly unique creation, with Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip dividing those who heard them.

Returning recently with their second album, new single 'Sick Tonight / Great Britain' is out now!

The band truly come to life, though, in the live arena. Dan Le Sac's beats get that bit harder, while the poetry of Scroobius Pip resembles the fire of an American Baptist preacher.

Festival favourites, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip are set to kickstart the summer with a performance at Scotland's RockNess festival. Set to be a highlight of the event, ClashMusic caught up with Scroobius Pip to probe his festival memories.

- - -

What was your first festival experience?
Thats hard to say! When i was younger the first "festival" I went to was V'97. Then i went to some REAL festivals (Reading and Glastonbury) and realised that V is barely a festival. More a large beer garden.

What is your best festival moment?
Tough again! We have been really lucky in the 3/4 years we have been gigging to get to play up a mountain in Japan at Fuji Rocks, in a blistering sunset at Coachella, in a headline slot against Rage Against The Machine at Reading/Leeds.... the list goes on!

What is your worst festival moment?
I THINK ive enjoyed all our festival shows! I think it was at Reading last year that i went into the crowd for abit then stumbled trying to get back onstage. That was more funny than nightmarish though. At Glastonbury '99 (i think) i had a cd wallet, with my 20 favourite cd's in it, stolen. That was pretty rubbish.

Most embarrassing festival moment?
That's got to be the stumble trying to get back on stage right? I'm never embarrased by stuff like that though. It was amusing!

Best festival performance ever seen?
Sooooo many over the years! Beastie Boys at Reading years ago were amazing. Bjork at Glastonbury? Its always good to catch smaller acts at festivals so Suicide Machines at Reading (98?) and Sound of Rum at Bestival ('09) would be highlights too.

Fantasy festival – pick three acts who would play?
Prince, Kate Bush and Joanna Newsom.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Get Better

- - -

Festival survival tips?
Be prepared to get grubby. Festivals are no place for cleaness. A 5 minute wet wipes "bath" should be your highest expectation. Then, anything better is a bonus.

Things to avoid?
Camping near paths. Always a nightmare. Ruined tent and drunk people (often northern for some reason) falling on you all night.

Best festival to play?
I think my consistant favourite is Bestival. Some of the European ones like Benicasim and Lowlands really look after you well too though. But Bestival is the one that has given us great show after great show. Awesome crowds.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at a festival this summer?
I never know who we are going to get to catch so i try not to get my hopes up too much! We swoop in and out of alot of festivals as we tend to have two or three a week so i try not to look at line ups too far in advance incase I see something i like but cant have! I was looking at the Rockness line up and Zane Lowe is on just after us so I'll look forward to catching him!

Fashion tips - stay cool / waterproofs and wellies?
I think wellies are always key. And non of that fancy flowery rubbish either! They should be atleast as murky looking as the mud you are going to stomp through. Its a festival not a cat walk!

Any weather stories – roasting sun or pelting rain?
Glastonbury was a great one when it rained REALLY heavily. We were wading from our backstage area to stage as the band on before us (can't remember their name but they were very flamboyant) where being carried from stage by their burly security guards. It was quite the sight.

Drink of choice?
Rose onstage (bubbles can ruin a gig!) and cider in the crowd.

Dodgy burger or bring your own?
I always intend to bring my own but end up in a line at a dodgy van. They havent killed me yet!

RockNess takes place between June 11th - 13th

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