Guillemot gone solo shares his favourites

Danger-field - amazing! Danger-field - astounding! Danger-fieeeeld! Yes, after two albums of twinkling tunefulness and outrageous over-complexity with Guillemots, their lovable lynchpin is flying solo with a sparkling debut that’ll more than warm the cockles while they ready a third, so let’s celebrate the loveliest things in the life of Fyfe.

“I’ve spent a lot of time this year reading Leonard Cohen’s poetry - it’s weird, it’s actually a lot less poetic than his songwriting, which is full of imagery,whereas these come across as really cross diary entries. And, even for a man, he does write a lot about sex, doesn’t he?”

“There’s a band I’ve been obsessed with for a while called Thomas Feiner And Anywhen. They played a track on ‘Late Junction’ called ‘Dinah And The Beau-tiful Blue’, which was kind of a torch song, but he’s got such an incredible voice - I put a link up to them on my website, and someone said that it was like if chocolate could sing. Apparently they’re called that because it took him so long to make the album [‘The Opiates’] that by the time it was finished everybody else had left and it was just him!”

“I’ve done loads of eating out - well, not so much recently, now I’m single - so I could talk about restaurants for hours. Have you tried Corrigan’s in [posh bit of London] Mayfair? Oh, man, the bread. It’s free, and it’s the first thing they give you, but they’ve got this Irish chef, and he makes this soda bread out of treacle - it’s the best thing, it’s mindblowing!”

“I’d have to say Curb Your Enthusiasm - anything with Larry David, really - and Outnumbered. Those kids are amazing. Peep Show, obviously. I’ve watched that from the beginning. And I was very into The Great British Menu - got to have a bit of that.”

“Popjustice. I know it’s not very original to say that, but it’s just so much fun! Other than that, I don’t really go on that many websites. Porn, I suppose.”

“I spent last New Year in Paris with a friend with a fantastic record collection - I got really into a lot of old garage like The Monks there, and I kept on listening to Elliott Smith’s ‘Either/Or’. Sounded amazing out there, but it’s not quite the same on iTunes.”

“I don’t have too many, but I am going to go on eBay and find some instruments. I could really do with a manual sampler, and now the album’s done I’d like to just get some random keyboards and things that I’ve never heard of. It’s very easy to get caught up in doing your work and feeling guilty when you’re not, but I think it’s really important for any musician to take the time to just do a bit of pissing around.”

The album ‘Fly Yellow Moon’ is out on January 18th.

Interview by Iain Moffat

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