The noise-rock duo don't quite get Clash, fully...

American noise-rock duo Magik Markers release what’s their best long-player yet in the next few weeks, with ‘Balf Quarry’ hitting stores via Drag City.

A raucous live proposition, the Connecticut-spawned pair of Elisa Ambrogio and Pete Nolan earned plenty of critical plaudits for their last long-player proper, 2007’s ‘Boss’. They are crazily productive, though, with many more CDRs and vinyl releases available at their merch desk and in more discerning record stores in the US.

Newcomers shouldn’t be put off by the band’s reputation for ear-sizzling shows, if volume’s an obstacle – their releases to date (‘official’ ones, anyway) are rather more relaxed affairs, with many a nod to psychedelic bands of the past.

Both members answered our Culture Clash Extra Q&A…

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Magik Markers – ‘Taste’ (fan video)

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Elisa: The Adventures Of Milo and Otis. I just love adventure stories. And Dudley Moore.
Pete: The Thing. Kurt Russell slays me, man. I won't turn my nose up at a synth soundtrack by Morricone neither, or monsters with five dog heads and tentacles.

Elisa: Good Bangs, Better Bangs: A Guide to Trimming your own Hair. So many times, you cut your bangs and they look really crazy, so I keep reading this book. It is like my desert island book, because there is really so much more to trimming your bangs than you realise at first. Finally, just a simple set of full colour pictures and scissor instructions that doesn't leave you totally confused.
Pete: Currently it's A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban. I think it should be called Frances Hot Hosed tho, or better yet The Revenge of Frances. That Thelma and her red plastic tea set, what a bitch! Frances should have listened to her mom and been more careful. Nothing’s worse than getting ripped off by some jerk who says she's your friend. Frances is more interested in being buddies so I guess that's the real lesson here.

Elisa: My own, ‘Balf Quarry’, coming out the Drag City imprint. Inventing the telephone was important, true, but we still don't know the effect on the world this record will have, so I am reserving judgement as to which one will prove to be more important to man. Can we really ever know how history will judge us?

Elisa: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Del Mar, CA. The most comfortable seats, convenient online OTB, the Stretch Run Grill and a great staff. Like their slogan says: 'still cool'. (Oh, LOL – Ed.)
Pete: I guess I'm gonna have to be really obvious here and say Churchill Downs. You know what they say: ‘You can take the Colonel out of Kentucky... et cetera’. (Oh, double LOL – Ed.)

Television show or series
Elisa: Anything set in reality, because human beings really do some wild stuff when they start getting real. Anything that has a real-time live blogging website involved.
Pete: Jeopardy!. I don't know why. That's the only thing I watch when there's no Clint Eastwood movies on.

Elisa: Is this related to the previous question? Girls Gone Wild or Real World Las Vegas. Also Mike Kelley's Day is Done at the Gagosian Gallery because vampires, lonely or otherwise, is a theme that runs through everything the Magik Markers have ever done.

Holiday destination
Elisa: Anywhere with fried dough with sauce. On the east coast in the US, fried dough is served with a choice of toppings, and it runs the gamut from sweet to savoury: you can get cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar, strawberries and whipped cream, chocolate sauce, et cetera, and you can also get tomato sauce and powdered cheese on your fried dough I you'd like. BUT, in the Midwest, they only have sweet fried dough, not savoury (and people ask me why I only lived there for two years). Also, they call them elephant ears, which kind of ruins it. That is why I specified 'with sauce'!
Pete: Anywhere with a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. The plaster statue of the world's tallest man at the one in Myrtle Beach S.C. is really great. I can't believe how much bigger his shoes were than mine! Really makes you think. Super realistic mermaids with monkey heads at that one, too.

Gig venue
Elisa: Red Rocks, Red Rocks, Arizona, USA. Easily the best place we have ever played. Beautiful, and amazing sound. Just a spiritual, spiritual experience.
Pete: Hi Ho Lounge in New Orleans. I can't stop thinking about those giant shrimps across the street from Ernie Kay Do's. Sometimes I think my life is a big circle that draws me back to them.

Live band/DJ
Pete: Major Stars flipped my freakin' lid the other night.

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Magik Markers’ ‘Balf Quarry’ is out on May 4 via Drag City. Find the band online HERE.


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