A preview of this week's shows

Diesel:U:Music radio’s musical offerings continue to impress us, a lot. Bursting onto the airwaves this week are terrifying London punk four-piece Loverman, art-rock electronic noisers the Detachments, and live broadcasts from D:U:M’s Berlin and Helskinki’s world tour.

Here’s a preview of the week’s best picks:

4-6pm Loverman
What is it with artists taking band names from Nick Cave songs? Well, quite distinct from the sounds of the Australian miserablist, but not poles apart, are four-piece London grunge-punkers Loverman. They will be crawling over to Dalston to blast out a selection of their favourite tracks, from artists like The Melvins and Nirvana.

8-10pm Teenagers in Tokyo
Sticking with the Australian vibe, D:U:M are proud to present a live set from Teenagers in Tokyo. And with their fingers in a lot of different pies, their gothic-grunge-disco noise has attracted the likes of The Slits and Midnight Juggernaughts.

10-11 Ana Says and Adam Green
Join the indie Posh and Becks of LA when they will be playing some of their favourite tunes and chatting about life in The City of Angels.

2-4pm Detachments
Twisted pop art-rock, all the way from London.

5-7 Jungle Drums
Bringing a sharp injection of Brazillan colour and beats to dreary London town.

12-2 The Soundtrack Special
TV and film buffs can enjoy two hours of the very best, hand-picked soundtracks taken straight from the silver screen.

4-5 DUM Tour Broadcast: Berlin
We really wish we could be in Berlin for the next leg of the D:U:M tour but alas, we’re stuck in London instead. Tune in on Thursday to hear the Diesel team in action.

5-6 DUM Tour Broadcast: Helsinki
More highlights, interviews and live sets all the way from Finland.

10-12 Micachu
Wake up with Mica Levi as she takes you on a trip through the winding streets of London’s garage scene.

12-2 Dark Star
Super groups are taking over the world but that’s ok, because there’s plenty of room. Putting a modern spin on late eighties soul, dig out your sneakers and throw some shapes.

9-11 Anti-Pop Consortium
They enjoyed themselves so much last time, they’ve decided to do it all over again. Alternative hip-hop from the boys who have previously supported Radiohead.

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