Featuring Tony Benn...

Formerly the curator of Mull Historical Society, Colin MacIntyre is keen to prove that his pop touch hasn't deserted him on new album "The Water".

After ditching his former moniker for his own name, MacIntyre has emerged as a re-invigorated force. Produced by Nick Franglen of Lemon Jelly fame, new album "The Water" is a clear demonstration of MacIntyre's talents as a songwriter. Opening track "You're A Star" has already been ear-marked by Irvine Welsh for his next film, while other songs such as the sea shanty lilt of the title track show of his considerable range.

With new single "Famous For Being Famous" due to be officially released on September 22nd, we thought it only right to bring you one of the highlights of the new album. Final track "Pay Attention To The Human" is an appeal for peace and respect voiced by veteran champion of left- wing causes Tony Benn. A modern day legend amongst liberals and humanitarians, his distinctive speaking voice blends well with MacIntyre's beautiful music.

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