New video alert...

First sneaking onto our radar last year, Cold In Berlin have made some rapid forward steps.

Releasing their debut album 'Give Me Walls' the band proved that the success of their early singles was no fluke. Mixing the prowling feminine suss of Karen O with a shuddering electro-punk backdrop, the band aren't just cold - they're sub zero.

Live, the band are a collision of carefully processed electronics and absolute chaos. Barely containable on record, 'Give Me Walls' bristles with the same energy that drove Black Flag or The Stooges.

Dirty, filthy rock 'n' roll Cold In Berlin may have a heart of gold but it is surrounded by the demands of the flesh. New single 'Your Noise' is a case in point - completely unrelenting but totally contagious.

Out on Monday (February 21st) the single comes backed with a typically lo-fi video. Check it out by clicking HERE.

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