The master of ‘electronic shoegaze’

Delve deep into all manner of d’n’b and then let the ethereal wash run over you this week, with a mix from electronica veteran Ulrich Schnauss.

A master of ‘electronic shoegaze’, Schnauss has been producing his distinctive, keyboard-led textured compositions and bleep-happy electronica for over a decade, as well as playing keyboards for dream-pop band Engineers.

Schnauss’ Clash mix explores various elements of the artist’s musical personality, including his natural affinity for soft, floaty soundscapes – such as the aptly named ‘Tenderness’ from Bulb – but the main focus here is his love for classic drum and bass, with artists such as DJ Marky & S.P.Y, Sub Focus and Blu Mar Ten – amongst others – leading the charge.

The mix then finishes as it began, with a lush electronica track (this time from Unquote) that combines Schnauss’ passions for ambience and uplifting electronica.

Ulrich Schnauss’ new solo album, ‘A Long Way To Fall’, will be released in March/April next year, while a joint album with Mark Peters, ‘Underrated Silence’, will be released on Bureau in February.

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Ulrich Schnauss tracklist

01. Cause 4 Concern - Makes Me Wonder (Shadybrain)
02. Asc - Auxwl001a (Auxiliary)
03. Qns - Qns5 (Qns)
04. Bulb - Tenderness (Kokeshi)
05. Joe Syntax - Sightlines (Med School)
06. Sunchase - Moulded (Drone Audio)
07. Bungle - Spear039c (Spearhead)
08. Sub Focus - Follow The Light (Ram)
09. Technicolour - Spearltd008a (Spearhead Ltd)
10. Bachelors Of Science - Song For Lovers (Bungle Remix) (Horizons)
11. Dj Marky & S.P.Y. - Mystic Sunset (Innerground)
12. Donnie Dubson - So Simple (Fokuz)
13. Nu:Tone & Natalie Williams - First Time Ever (Hospital)
14. Anile - Left Behind (Phunkfiction)
15. Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me (Bop Remix) (Blu Mar Ten)
16. Unquote - Cold Tenderness (Nu Directions)

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