With Micachu, Steve Reich, J Dilla
The Invisible

It’s been three years since their much loved debut so, with the second album in the can, we’ve gotten the trio stretch their musical legs behind the decks for Clash.

With appearances by Kwes, Steve Reich, Flying Lotus, Micachu, Actress, Ornette Coleman and more it's an essential listen for clues on the progress of album number two from the band.

Stay tuned as the band will be announcing details of a tour at 10am on Monday 6th February.

Listen to the mix above, download it for later enjoyment below, or grab on iTunes HERE.

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The Invisible DJ Mix Tracklist

1. Appalachian Grove - Laurie Spiegel/Music On A Long Thin Wire - Alvin Lucier
2. Invisible 1 - Electrobeard
3. The Chair - PJ Harvey & John Parish
4. Hop - Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kurstin
5. Canary - Kwes
6. Drumming Part III (excerpt) - Steve Reich
7. State Of N.Y. - Micachu & The Shapes and The London Sinfonietta
8. Harrier Attk - Actress
9. He Destroyed Her Image - Charles Dodge
10. Kaleidoscope - Ornette Coleman
11. My Tiny Butterfly - Moondog
12. Computer Face - Flying Lotus
13. Freaky Deaky Sities - Edwin Birdsong
14. Ouch 1 - Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kurstin
15. Cenotaph - This Heat
16. Revo - Aardvarck
17. Drinking While Driving - Serafina Steer
18. Cool - Electrobeard
19. Reckless Driving - J Dilla
20. Invisible 2 - Electrobeard
21. Surgeon - St Vincent

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