His intoxicating brand of dark, stormy madness
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Terror Danjah

London grime veteran Terror Danjah brings his intoxicating brand of dark, stormy madness to the Clash DJ podcast, with 50 minutes of pummelling tunes and a few surprises.

As you’d expect from Danjah, there are plenty of paths trodden in his mix, featuring a large supporting cast, including Mala, DJ Champion, Royal T, Marcus Intalex and P Money.

Danjah’s selection takes in skittish grime instrumentals, overdrive dirty bass collisions, gritty d‘n’b and some mellower vocal numbers – drifting towards moody ballads, even – all underpinned by the experimental tendencies that the producer has revelled in since day one, over a decade ago. Here’s why we still hold him in such high regard after those years.

Terror Danjah’s latest album, ‘The Dark Crawler’, is out on Monday 24th September on Hyperdub.

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Terror Danjah tracklist

01. Full Attention - Terror Danjah ft. Ruby Lee Ryder
02. Airmiles 2 - Swindle
03. Roll Call – P-Money
04. Dark Crawler - Terror Danjah ft. Riko Dan
05. Dark Crawler - Terror Danjah ft. Hitman Hyper
06. Morph 2 Terror Danjah & D.O.K (D Double E Special)
07. Selecta - Mz Bratt (Terror Danjah Special)
08. Slap Man - DJ Champion
09. Music Box - Royal-T & Terror Danjah
10. Eyez VIP - Mala
11. Air Max 90 - Terror Danjah & DJ Champion
12. Red Eye - P Jam
13. Jekyll vs Champion - Terror Danjah vs. Buju Banton
14. Ringworm - Swindle
15. Hey - Swifta Beater
16. Rum Punch - Terror Danjah
17. Nosy Parker VIP - Preditah
18. Crystal Meth - DJ Champion
19. Dark Gremlinz - Terror Danjah & D.O.K
20. Flat Gremlinz _ Terror Danjah
21. Sensitivity - Champion & Ruby Lee Ryder (Terror Danjah version)
22. Let Me Be The One - Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder
23. You’re Saved - Royal-T ft. Ruby Lee Ryder
24. Crazy - Princess Nyah & Champion (Terror Danjah & D.O.K remix)
25. Reloadz - Terror Danjah
26. Nasty Wayz - Cybertron
27. I Like it (Remix) - Marcus Intalex & S.T Files
28. R Type - Jo
29. Enter The Dragon - DJ Red
30. Da Bass To Dark - L Double ft. MC Bassman

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