A smooth ride through cutting tech-house

One of Detroit’s ‘second wave’ supplies this week’s DJ mix: Stacey Pullen. After being mentored by the legendary trio of Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, Pullen went on to find considerable success with his own productions and DJing skills.

Stacey’s DJing chops are currently in fine form judging by his Clash mix, which hits home as a smooth ride through cutting tech-house. Beginning with crisp club sounds, the mix gradually builds into harder, atmospheric techno, accompanied by ever more frantic percussion. As always with Pullen, it’s a polished and highly professional set.

Clash caught up with the man himself to chat about mixes, remixes and the Detroit scene:

Tell us a little about the process of how you go about making your mixes – do you ever have an idea of what atmosphere you want from the mix before you start?

Stacey Pullen: It depends on the mood of the song. If it’s a floor-filler then I will compliment it with a high energy mix, but it all depends on the mood I’m in.

Favourite remix of one of your own tracks by another artist?

Stacey: My favourite was the 4hero mix of my track ‘Vertigo’

What are some of your favourite tracks to play out live at the moment?

Stacey: My remix of Santos ‘Primitive Cannible’, out soon on Monique Musique, ‘Clamb’ by &ME on Saved, Antonio Piacquadio’s ‘Hold Up’ – Radio Slave remix, Unreleased Inmotion.

Are Detroit and the Detroit scene still as big an influence on your music as it was when you began?

Stacey: Detroit will always be with me. I am Detroit but I also look elsewhere for inspiration. Detroit hasn’t changed for a while but I still manage to get inspired.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2011, both for yourself and for your Blackflag label?

Stacey: I’m working with this young kid named Jeff Felch, to release his music. I’m also working on the follow-up from my last track, ‘Get Up’, and re-releasing my ‘Silent Phase’ and ‘Kosmik Messenger’ albums.

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