Exclusive ‘Heliaster’ mix
ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Sleeps In Oysters

Something a little different to delight your ears this week, as experimental electronic folk duo Sleeps in Oysters proffer a multi-layered treasure trove of mind-altering sounds and songs to gently nudge you from your techno reverie, with their exclusive ‘Heliaster’ mix.

Signed to suitably diverse legendary London label Seed Records, SiO, consisting of John Harries and Lisa Busby, are a psych-folk act in the truest and most classic sense of the term, creating dreamy-yet-powerful electronic folk (to use the bland ‘folktronica’ tag would be to do the duo an injustice) that is in equal parts warm, frightening, articulate and above all, beautiful.

Their Clash mix, put together by Harries, features exclusive re-works of songs drawn from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Lo!’. Full of 4/4 club bangers it certainly ain’t – this one requires a bit more thought, but rewards the listener with an avant-garde sensory delight, full of rich textures and layered, storytelling lyrics.

At points, the mix (as with their other productions) recalls Scandinavia’s electronic folk scene – particularly Múm and Kippi Kaninus – but also references a longer-standing experimental tradition; acts like Velvet Underground-collaborator Nico, whose lyrical tendencies are echoed in some of Busby’s freeform moments during the mix.

Ultimately, no amount of flowery prose can really do justice to this unique act, so simply listen and let your mind wander.

‘Lo!’ is released on 18 April and can be ordered in advance from http://www.seedrecords.co.uk/

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Sleeps In Oysters DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. Song for Bruder Pfortner (contains elements of ‘The Lost Childwood, The Measure of a Man, The Table of Six)

2. NO MORE WINTER BLUES!! (Heliaster mix)

3. Sunday at the Margin (Goldfinch mix)

4. Son of Drum (contains elements of ‘Don’t Drum for Other Girls’)

5. Son of Moon (contains elements from ‘Song for Neglected Boys’ and ‘Moon Lights Face’)

6. No Time Like the Spiders, Part 2a (The Tightrope Wires)

7. Two People in a Clock by the Digital Sea (Lady Sanuki mix)

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