Goldiloppers and the Three Bearloaders Mix

There must be something in the water around Glasgow. That’s the only reason for its ever-expanding pool of electronic talent, the latest incarnation of which, Rudi Zygadlo, provides an oddity odyssey of a mix for Clash this week, which we guarantee will refresh even the tiredest of ears, such is its twisted excellence.

Rudi chooses to soundtrack a chopped and spliced version of comedian Stanley Unwin’s ‘Goldiloppers and the Three Bearloaders’ spoken word piece (itself a retelling of the Goldilocks tale, told in Unwin’s own oddball language, Unwinese), using a mixture of electronica, alt. rock, classical pieces and nineties old-skool. Obviously.

After an inspired debut album, ‘Great Western Laymen’, last year which mixed jumpy post-dub with IDM and choral atmospheres, Zygadlo has laid low(ish) on the release front, crafting some soon-to-be-released material and nailing various killer live shows. Judging by his mix, it was time well spent.

Featured in his melting pot of wonderful madness are synth-pop fetishist Com Truise, speculative Richard D. James side project (but brilliant whoever it is) The Tuss, Keith Tenniswood’s techno alias, Radioactive Man, J.S. Bach (apparently he used to be quite important) and several brilliant contemporary/nineties mashups, including Boxcutter giving Beats International a spooky glitch washover and Joker inadvertently dubbing up N Trance’s ‘Set You Free’.

Unique, marvellous stuff, the lot.

Rudi Zygadlo’s latest EP, ‘Achtung!’, will be released on 14 September on Pictures Music.

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Goldiloppers and the Three Bearloaders Mix for Clash Magazine

In true Unwinese fashion, we revisit the much loved tale of three chairs, three bowls, three beds, those three anthropomorphic bears and that thieving little girlage, all accompanied by three acts of seriously silly music.

1. Alarm will Sound – ‘Agnus Dei II’ from Missa L'homme armé super voces musicales

2. Mr Bungle - The Air-conditioned Nightmare

3. Deerhoof - Super Duper Rescue Hands

4. Alfred Schnittke - Concerto Grosso no.1: V. Rondo: Agitato

5. Com Truise - Futureworld

6. Bullion - Are you the one

7. Drexciya - Funk Release Valve

8. The Tuss - Shiz Ko E

9. Boxcutter - Windfall/ Beats International - Dub be Good to me

10. Joker - Stuck in the System/ N Trance - Set you free

11. Rudi Zygadlo - I Kissed a boy (feat. Davie Perry)

12. The Bad Plus - Frog and Toad

13. The Chap - Volumatic Spacer

14. J S Bach - Cello Suite #1 in G. Praeludium

15. Rudi Zygadlo - The Deaf School

16. Radioactive man - Goodnight Morton/ Sergei Rachmaninov - Vespers, ‘Come let us Worship’

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