From the band's Rich Thair

To kick off 2011, we give you a DJ mix from Rich Thair of Red Snapper, someone who knows both classic electronica and the new wave of underground sounds intimately. Since their formation in the heady days of 1993, Red Snapper have been fusing this passion for electronica with a love for dirty funk, nu-jazz, dub and live breaks, creating a unique sound that has more than stood the test of time. We caught up with Rich for a chat about his DJ mix.

Clash: Please tell us about the mix and why you used the selected tracks:

Rich Thair: As opposed to a tearing dancefloor mix I thought it would more interesting to put together some tracks that represent the kind of thing we listened to as we were recording the new album in Wales. There is something about Aphex’s ‘Radiator’ that suggests the weather in Wales (it doesn’t always rain!).

Horsepower are making some great beats – nods to old dub, futuristic electronics and bone-shaking bass. Anyone who has seen us live recently will appreciate our love of afrobeat and who better to feature than Mr. Allen. Spacewalkers made insane sci-fi instrumental surf music – a guitar sound we love. MA is Tom Challenger’s band, who have a great new album coming this year... extremely rude stuff. The Blakroc album is fantastic, really soulful. Red Snapper’s remix of ‘Crows’ by Moist is a little treat for everyone... listen out for Ali’s vocals!

The Jamie xx remix of Fog takes you away into the future, great production... eerie stuff.
We love what Mogwai do and this track is so epic... Dr Radius is Darius Kedros, our live sound engineer – very talented and a top fella. The final Snapper track is old but still beautiful.

Clash: What makes a good remix for you?

Rich Thair: A creative reworking of a good track, whether it makes you dance like a loon or cry on your own at home.

Clash: What are some of your favourite tracks to play live at the moment – both DJing and with the band?

Rich Thair: Live: ‘Lagos Creepers’, ‘Architectronic’, ‘Chimee’, ‘Fat Roller’. DJing: Pearson Sound – ‘Blanked/Blue Eyes’, Ramadanman – ‘I beg you’, Shackleton vs Kasai Allstars/Burnt Friedman vs Konono no.1

Clash: When DJing, do you have a few tracks that are always guaranteed to get the crowd moving?

Rich Thair: Mike Inc – ‘Paroles’, Robert Hood, Hawtin, Roots Manuva – ‘Witness’

Clash: Tell us about the upcoming Red Snapper album and what else you have planned for 2011:

Rich Thair: We are really pleased with ‘Key’. We have tried to create an album that our fans will love and that will also pull in new music lovers. There is a lot of influence from the early days... a sexual, voodoo edge. Tom Challenger is now part of the band and there are vocals from Gavin Clark (Unkle), Eliza Carthy and our own Ali Friend.

As always we have experimented a lot but I think it flows as a whole piece of music. We cover a lot of ground style-wise and it was a long time in the making, but there is a live energy and freedom that is our calling card. There’s 14 tracks on ‘Key’ and I urge anyone who dances to the beat of their own drum to get their hands on it.

We will also be out playing live in every territory and at festivals, and hopefully be doing more remixes and some interesting colllaborations throughout the year.

‘Key’ will be released in March on V2.


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Red Snapper Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Aphex Twin - Radiator [Warp]

2. Horsepower - Damn It [Tempa]

3. Tony Allen - Pusherman [Fat/Planet Woo]

4. Space Walkers - The Invader [Link Wray Records]

5. Ma - Shake [Gravid Hands]

6. Blakroc - Why Can’t I Forget Him [V2/Co-Op]

7. Moist - Crows (Red Snapper Remix) [White]

8. Fog - Jamie xx Remix [Alpha Pup]

9. Mogwai – Scotland’s Shame [Wall Of Sound]

10. Red Snapper - Brickred (Dr Radius Dub) [Lo Recordings]

11. Ma - Dump [Gravid Hands]

12. Red Snapper - Spitalfields [Warp]

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