60 minutes of heavy bass delights
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru

To combat the unending misery of January in the UK, let Clash’s DJ podcast series take you away from it all for an hour and transport you to the lush surrounds of Puerto Rico, courtesy of the mighty Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru.

PRDC are a collective of like-minded individuals from the beautiful Caribbean island who share a common love of and appreciation for electronic music, particularly – as the name suggests – dubstep in all its many forms.

Clash chatted to a member of PRDC – DJ MoShrum – to find out more about the Cru and their Clash mix – 60 minutes of heavy bass delights.

Clash: Please tell us a little about Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru

Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru: PRDC, as of today, is more a collective than a DJ band. We’re trying to keep the essence of the true sound alive but with variety, as each of us have our own taste and style.  

Clash: Tell us about the mix, and why you chose some of the selected tracks

Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru: We tried to make something special, so we made a back-to-back live mix capturing different styles of the dubstep genre and focusing on its true element: bass. Some tunes featured in the mix have some relation to Puerto Rico, whether they where produced on or inspired by the island, or created by local producers. Also, we’ve added a special soundscape of the island in the intro, which has the unique sound of our native little frog: the Coquí.

Clash: Favourite track from the mix?

Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru: Our favourite track would be Noah D & Mensah – ‘Kashmir’.

Clash: In your opinion, what makes a good DJ mix?

Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru: A variety of styles.

Clash: What dubstep producers and other electronic artists are getting you guys excited at the moment?

Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru: Right now, really diggin’ DJ Madd, Matt-U, Goth-trad, The Aliens. And just heard of something coming up on Deep Medi called Old Apparatus, which blew our mind!

Clash: What will PRDC be up to in 2011, and can we expect a UK visit?

Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru: This year we’re focusing more on finishing some tracks and collabs that we have on hold, and hopefully get our EP out. A UK visit is on our wish list! Let’s see what happens!


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Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Alix Perez - Untitled

2. The Others - Vertigo 909

3. Seven - Wait

4. Sic - Chomp (Phaeleh Rmx)

5. Gorillaz - Doncamatic (Joker Rmx)

6. DJ Madd - Good Old Days

7. Skream - Rolling Kicks

8. Benga & Youngman- One And Only

9. Kutz - Hypno

10. Vermin - Dead People

11. Rob Sparx & John Maverick- Windscreen Sniper Vip

12. The Aliens - Exterminate

13. Magnetic Man - K-Dance

14. Emalkay - Powertool

15. Subscape - Screw Up

16. Flux Pavillion - Rocco's Revenge

17. Triage - Debutante

18. Deathwave - Power

19. Reso - Boriken Groove

20. Benga - Glowsticks

21. Wilow Gp120 - As Long As You're There

22. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

23. Noah D & Mensah - Kashmir

24. Magnetic Man - Mad

25. Statix - Mind Over Matter

26. Chasing Shadows - Odyssey

27. Twist & Torqux - Devil's Trick

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