Bristol dubstep heavyweight
ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Peverelist

A Bristol dubstep heavyweight, Peverelist, steps up to deliver this week’s Clash DJ podcast, with a mix that explores the many faces of the sound that he and his city, Bristol, have played a key part in shaping.

Peverelist has been one of the Bristol scene’s key exponents, helping to pinpoint the city as the spiritual home of dubstep. It may have started down south, but the fluidity of London’s music scene and its appetite for new fads has meant that dubstep is now another notch on the city’s musical bedpost, whereas in Bristol the sound still thrives.

Accordingly, Peverelist’s mix celebrates his upcoming compilation of Bristol dubstep, ‘Worth the Weight’, which explores the artists and sounds that have shaped the city’s invaluable contribution to the modern dubstep template, including Pinch’s moody atmospherics in the lush tones of ‘Midnight Oil’, Joker’s penchant for jagged bass shapes in ‘Holly Brook Park’, and an off-kilter two-step dub gem from Smith & Mighty, as well as pitch-perfect experimental contributions from Peverelist himself.

The vibe throughout the mix takes in the spacier, percussive sound of dubstep, but still with plenty of bass and bodyweight present.

‘Worth the Weight – Bristol Dubstep Classics’ is released on Punch Drunk records on 8 November.


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Peverelist Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Appleblim and Peverelist - Circling (intro)

2. Smith & Mighty - B Line Fi Blo

3. Guido - Mad Sax

4. Hyetal & Shortstuff - Ice Cream

5. Wedge and Shadz - Running Away (Guido mix)

6. RSD - Pretty Bright Light

7. Pinch - Midnight Oil

8. Peverelist - The Grind

9. Peverelist - Roll With the Punches

10. Gemmy - Bass Transmitter

11. Joker - Holly Brook Park

12. Hyetal - Pixel Rainbow Sequence

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