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ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Pentatonik

Some lush, emotive tones from contemporary electronica’s finest this week, as Clash’s DJ mix is compiled by melodic ambi-dance guru Pentatonik – R. Simeon Bowring.

Bowring has been creating and producing music for almost two decades and chooses his projects carefully, releasing only a handful of low-key but important albums. Pentatonik’s liking for fusing neo-classical passages with IDM structures is present not just in own his releases, but also in his Clash mix, which shows its creator to have quite the ear for melody.

Featured on Bowring’s selection are Brazil’s finest, Gui Boratto, Nathan Fake’s wonderful and woozy ‘The Sky was Pink’, a track from underrated German bleep-head Ulrich Schnauss, and a synthed-to-high-heaven cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ from new-wave electro act A1 People that sounds like Jean Michel Jarre had a hand in it.

Before things fade out lusciously with the zoned-out Kraut-prog of Tangerine Dream, there are also a couple of tracks from Bowring himself, taken from his last album, the rather lovely ‘A Thousand Paper Planes’.

A delicious selection to soothe the soul from a little-known but hugely accomplished artist.


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Pentatonik Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Just Like Heaven - Pentatonik

2. No Turning Back (Original Mix) - Gui Boratto

3. Stereo - Spooky

4. Love Will Tear Us Apart - A1 People

5. The Sky was Pink (Icelandic Version) - Nathan Fake

6. Highlife (Sasha Involver Mix) - Sasha vs. Adam Parker

7. Movements 2 (Dimitri Nakov and Riktam Mix) - Pentatonik

8. Stars - Ulrich Schnauss

9. A Thousand Paper Cranes - Pentatonik

10. Love on a Real Train - Tangerine Dream

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