The off-kilter trip-pop wonder
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Napoleon IIIrd

In the spirit of keeping you all on your toes, we proudly hand over the Clash DJ podcast to the off-kilter trip-pop wonder that is Napoleon IIIrd.

Though you’re unlikely to hear him spinning at Fabric, rest assured that his ear for beats and bleeps is far more assured than many so-called DJs currently doing the rounds. And after listening to his wonderfully oddball solo releases – recalling the likes of Panda Bear and Dan Deacon – this becomes even clearer, as his taste for trippy alt.pop is perfectly counterbalanced by a love for squished, processed beats.

Use whatever hyphenated, nonsensical term you wish to describe it – it’s all here, and contained in one fascinating, mind-grabbing DJ mix, from an artist who clearly has more than a few strings to his bow.

Included in what turns out to be a truly eclectic DJ mix are Burial, Tom Waits, Autechre, John Cage, a load of BBC sound effects, The Beach Boys and other audio treats that stamp a personal and passionate label onto what can often be a cold and unloving process. Also included is the absolute gem of a remix of Nathan Fake’s ‘The Sky Was Pink’, courtesy of James Holden – one of the most underrated tracks in recent times. Perfectly placed and lush – just like the entire mix.

Napoleon IIIrd’s second album, ‘Christiania’ is out now on Brainlove Records.


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Napoleon IIIrd Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Hexa - Grand Guignol

2. John Cage - Imaginary Landscapes No.1

3. The Olivia Tremor Contraol - Grass Canons

4. Boredoms - Ku

5. Women - Group Transport Hall

6. Gesualdo-Deller Consort - Deus Refugium et Virtus (v.short edit)

7. Daniel Dixon - Background Noise

8. Burial - Forgive

9. Tom Waits - Trouble's Braids

10. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)

11. Autechre - SonDEremawe

12. Spacemen 3 - Honey

13. Fog - See it? See it?

15. BBC Sound Effects - Domestic Birds/Musical Boxes/Toys/Cats

16. Art Tatum - The Kerry Dance

17. The Beach Boys - Cuddle Up

18. AU - The Waltz

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