Your xmas party soundtrack

It’s Christmas, right, so naturally it’s time for… some Hackney bashment and grime-step to kick off the festive hedonism.
Brightonion, honorary Londoner and intriguing newcomer Mumdance – aka Jack Adams – provides our Christmas mix, so sod the eggnog, break out the Red Stripe and start indulging in some xmas debauchery, soundtracked by plenty of low frequencies and busy beat patterns.

Starting off with some ambient Eno-esque soundscapes to ease you into your mulled wine supping, Mumdance’s mix gradually picks up the pace and worms its way ever deeper into the digital dirt hole, revelling in the hardfaced beats of D.O.K’s ‘Chemical Plant’ and Mr Noba and Dirty Jack’s aptly named ‘Gun Machine’, providing the perfect excuse to abandon the pretences and start chugging down the brandy you were supposed to be saving for lighting the Christmas pudding.

Other featured artists in Jack’s mix include Drop the Lime, Randomer & Fife, and a track from Mums of Death – a new collaboration between Mumdance and Drums of Death. Tasty stuff, and the perfect excuse to go a bit apeshit after a few too many xmas drinks. Happy crimbo, people.

Mumdance’s ‘Tarahtid EP’ is out now on No Hats No Hoods.


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Mumdance Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Jane Maximova - Skiff (Aspecta Remix) [Pitch Music Recordings]

2. Felix Cage - Nikopol [Abandon]

3. Aardvark - Nosestep (Cosmin Trg Remix) [Rush Hour Records]

4. The Streets - Weak Become Heros [679]

5. Apster and Firebeatz - Cencerro [Samsobeats]

6. Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix) [Trouble & Bass]

7. Panton, Keith and Supabeatz - Liquidance [CDR]

8. Gesaffelstein - Variations [Turbo]

9. Bambounou - [CDR]

10. Mums of Death (Mumdance and Drums of Death) - Golden Axe [Greco Roman]

11. Randomer & Fife - Five [Super Recordings]

12. Panteros666 - Kegstand [Sound Pelegrino]

13. D.O.K - Chemical Plant (Dark Tone Sound Remix) [Butterz]

14. Macabre Unit - Lift Off [Terrorhythm Recordings]

15. Kubo ft. Anbuley - Tsu Bo [Man Records]

16. Bert On Beats - Gunclap [Man Records]

17. Spooky - Spartan (D.O.K Remix) [No Hats No Hoods]

18. Splurt - The Return (Mega Refix) [Oil Gang]

19. Mr Noba and Dirty Jack - Gun Machine [Toff Music]

20. DJ Ghost and Gave - Diet Coke [Complex]

21. Ruthless and Goone - D.E.N.S [Toff Music]

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