Crisp beats and slick tech-house

Crisp beats and slick, dancefloor-designated tech-house are the order of the day in our latest Clash DJ podcast, brought to you by respected producer Martin Dawson, aka King Roc. Clash caught up with Dawson for a natter about his exclusive DJ mix and how life as a globe-trotting DJ was treating him.

Tell us about your mix:

Well whenever I do a podcast mix I always try to create something that basically condenses how I would hear a full night of music into one set. So, I always start with deeper, warm-up music and develop it into tracks with a stronger groove and then into the more intense sounds at the end of the mix. This represents what I would like to hear over the course of a whole evening in a club.

Favourite track from the mix

Well I love them all so that’s not so easy to choose but if I was forced to say one I would probably go for Pablo Cahn – ‘Elle’. For me this has such a such a nice balance between house sounds with a techno mentality. Of course I should probably say one of my own productions but that feels a bit cheap. Of my own tracks on this mix I really like the ‘What The Fuck’ track that is coming out on Get Physical. It’s been a regular in my set for a couple of months now and always gets a great reaction on the floor.

Some favourite tracks to drop live at the moment:

I love to play the Nao Siano ‘Track for Lyn’ record. It’s actually by a really well-known producer but I am sworn to secrecy. It’s an amazing record and for me stands out from so many of the other release coming out at the moment. It feels almost a bit like an old school garage record and feels really sexy on the floor. Techno house for girls and boys. This is a really important part of keeping the right vibe on the dancefloor.

How has 2010 been for you DJ-wise?

I definitely can’t complain. I started releasing under my own name Martin Dawson instead of King Roc because the sound I was producing just felt very different to previous works and I want to have a fresh start for these sounds. I have been collaborating with some other guys as well which has been a lot of fun. I have done some tracks with my good friend Glimpse – our first release came out on Cocoon with some amazing support and now we have lined-up a release on Crosstown Rebels with a Ewan Pearson remix and a two-track EP on 2020vision, so it’s all looking good for the future. Gigs-wise, I have been all over the world from Central and South America to Asia, Indonesia and of course around Europe. It’s all good basically!

Do you have any recent or upcoming releases?

My latest release, ‘Double Six EP’, has just come out on Kling Klong with remixes by my friend Ramon Tapia. We were recently in Mexico together and Ramon’s a hilarious guy to hang out with. Along with this I have ‘Blue Train EP’ on 2020 vision, the Two Armadillos remix of Commix on Metalheadz and TA remix of legendary producer JoVonn all coming soon. There will be an original Two Armadillos EP on secretsundaze music plus some other Martin Dawson remixes... so it’s quite busy.

What else do you have planned for the future?

I am currently working on three albums – a Two Armadillos record with Giles Smith, a new King Roc record and a indie punk album with Darren Farrow from Get Shakes. I will be back in the studio with Glimpse soon for some new material and Andre and I are about to work on music for the Off Recordings two-year anniversary compilation. DJ-wise I am off to India, Israel, the UK, Bali, Brazil and of course some gigs in Germany where I am now living.


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Martin Dawson Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Martin Dawson – ‘Blissful Ignorance’

2. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson – ‘That Ain’t Right’ [Off Recordings]

3. Soul Clap – ‘Extravaganza’ [Wolf+Lamb]

4. 6th Borough Project – ‘Miss World’ (OOFT! Remix) [Delusions Of Grandeur]

5. JoVonn – ‘Definition of a Track’ (Two Armadillos Remix)

6. Boo Williams – ‘Mortal Trance’ [Rush Hour]

7. Kink – ‘E79’ [Ovum]

8. Noa Siano – ‘Track For Lyn’ [Kindisch Records]

9. Martin Dawson – ‘What The Fuck’ [Get Physical]

10. Robert Hood pres. Floorplan – ‘Funky Souls’ [Rush Hour]

11. Audio Soul Project – ‘Reality Check’ (Vincenzo Remix) [Dessous]

12. Pablo Cahn – ‘Elle’ [Cadenza]

13. Butch – ‘Justified’ [AFU Limited]

14. Tensake – ‘Hold Back (My Love)’ [Running Back Records]

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