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ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Marcin Czubala

This week’s exclusive electronic podcast wonders come from eclectic Polish techno producer Marcin Czubala. With a considerable background in classical music concerts before beginning his DJ and production career in 1995, Marcin’s work is, unsurprisingly, perhaps more rooted in ideas of musicality than many of his contemporaries.

This sense of musicianship is also demonstrated in his Clash mix – a slick exposition of minimal and classy club sounds with a dash of leftfield thrown in, featuring the likes of Flying Lotus, The Mole, DJ Koze and Ed Davernport.

Clash caught up with Marcin to quiz him about his mix and what’s been going on in the world of Czubala:

Tell us about your mix and how you decided on the track selection

Marcin: It’s kind of a relaxed mix, recorded on a really nice Saturday morning, drinking lovely San Juan coffee from Guatemala. The selection is based on my favourite tracks from the past two-three months. It’s definitely far from being a very linear set of boring club ‘tool’ tracks. You can listen here to Flying Lotus, Jimmy Edgar, Charanjit Singh as well as I Cube, DJ Koze and Motor City Ensemble (as the Jayson Brothers).

Do you set out to create mixes for a specific mood or do they come together as you’re making them?

Marcin: When I work on a podcast I try to achieve a specific mood, but even more I try to build an interesting adventure through music. It’s always a bit different to playing at the clubs, where I can interact with people.

What makes a good remix in your opinion?

Marcin: A perfect remix is always when it’s better than the original, isn’t it?! It always depends on the track, sometimes the original is too obvious and the remix should be more subtle to make it different. Sometimes the original is really great but the production is not so good, so you need a ‘fix’ remix.

What tracks are you enjoying playing in your live sets at the moment?

Marcin: First of all let me describe what is a live set is, because these days almost everybody plays using laptops and people are very often confused. My live set is always built from my own music and I perform a live version of my released and unreleased tracks and remixes. At the moment my pick tune is the live version of the remix I made for the Los Suruba guys. It’s not released yet, it’s coming after summer I think. It’s also always fun to play my tracks ‘Don't Need the Sun to Shine’ or ‘Jedwab’.

What are some of your favourite clubs/locations to play live at?

Marcin: D-Edge in Sao Paulo, rooftop and beach parties in Playa del Carmen in Mexico, in general Latin America is great. In Europe I think Barcelona is always really cool, Rex in Paris is great, Harry Klein in Munich, London is often fun. Actually last month I played at a really nice Sunday party in London, it was called Tape @ Platinum club.

Any upcoming releases on the horizon?

Marcin: I have a couple of remixes coming out and also my new track ‘Spinning The Roulette’ on mobilee has just come out. It’s a special track for the five-year anniversary of the label and is featured on the ‘Hi Five mobilee!’ compilation. All artists submitted an exclusive track for this.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2010?

Marcin: I think after the summer we can expect my next release on mobilee, and then I will focus on new music for 2011. Usually the last three months of the year are pretty busy with gigs, so I guess I will travel a bit.


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Marcin Czubala Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Efdemin - Le grand Voyage - Dial

2. Lewie Day - 500 Shades - Murmur

3. I Cube - Merovingienne - Versatile

4. Jindo - Summer Stories (Feygin remix) - Immotion Music

5. DJ Koze - Blume der Nacht - Pampa

6. Ed Davenport - Curtain Call - NRK

7. Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane - Warp

8. Chris Wood & Meat - Back down (Sascha Dive remix) - Murmur

9. AUX88 - Mad Scientist (Jimmy Edgar remix) - Echoism

10. The Mole - Last Ditch - Musique Risquee

11. Charanjit Singh - Raga Megh Malhar - Bombay Connection

12. Leon & UES - Candido - Carillon

13. Jayson Brothers - Keep on dancin - Drumpoet Community

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