Classy, mesmerising stuff
ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Josh Wink

Having helped shape the modern electronic music scene in the US, Josh Wink needs little introduction. As well as playing a crucial part in spreading the rave and acid house message throughout North America in the nineties, Wink also came to inadvertently demonstrate the crossover appeal of dance music, proving that it could indeed filter successfully into the mainstream, partly due to the now anthemic ‘Higher State of Consciousness’.

Here, he provides a mix never before been aired in the UK. And as you’d expect, it’s a good’un.

Beginning with a series of deep, hypnotic house grooves – including a superb atmospheric opener by Blagger – Wink’s mix slowly builds, before an entirely welcome acid hit kicks in at 15 minutes, via Wink’s own ‘How High Acid’ track.

The mix then explores – through a series of effortlessly fluid transitions – tribal house and progressive, minimal techno from Tevo Howard, Valmay and a Martinez remix of a track by fascinating wild-child Seth Troxler. Things then get taken up a notch yet again, via a trippy remix of Wink’s ‘Hypnoslave’ (again taken from the record label that Wink himself established in 1994, Ovum), before a subtle burst of acid house form Kingpin Cartel for the final push.

All of which proves what has long been suspected: that Wink has a profound understanding of the music he makes and the wider scenes into which it falls. Classy, mesmerising stuff.


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Josh Wink Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Blagger - Strange Behaviour (DJ Koze remix) [Perspectiv]

2. Paul Harris and Alex Tepper - Terris (Radio Slave remix) [Rekid]

3. MANIK- Park to the slope [Ovum]

4. Josh Wink - How High Acid [Ovum]

5. Missing Linkx - A Short History of... [Philpot]

6. Rob. Bardini - Splitted Brain (Tech mix) [Shayan]

7. RiBN - Cottbus [Ovum]

8. Tevo Howard - Move (original) [Rush Hour]

9. Josh Wink - Minimum 23 (Agoria remix) [Ovum]

10. Seth Troxler - Hurt (Martinez dark soul remix)

11. Valmay - Distrust [Blueprint]

12. Josh Wink - Hypnoslave (Nic Fancuilli remix) [Ovum]

13. Kingpin Cartel - Float [Saved]

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