A live set from Ibiza's Space Club
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Joris Voorn

Hear tech-house stalwart Joris Voorn raise the roof at Ibiza’s legendary Space Club, as part of Ibiza veterans and general music/party crew 'We Love…' hosting their Sunday night events at the club over the summer.

Joris’ live set is a smooth journey through all manner of house sounds, from overt club stompers to techy minimal, all the while responding to the mood of the crowd and building a slow-burning, energetic atmosphere.

Clash caught up with Joris for a chat about the mix and playing on one of the party island’s most renowned clubs.

Tell us about the mix

Joris Voorn: It was recorded live at the Space terrace in Ibiza on a Monday morning, around 4am if I’m not mistaken. The terrace is a great place to play more of a housey sound, which is great. You can really build a solid set where the crowd follows you wherever you’re heading. Breaks can be quite long, but the reward is there when you bring back the beats.

How did you enjoy playing the set at We Love… ?

Joris Voorn: I’ve had so many great times playing Space Ibiza, either terrace or discoteca. You can hear a little bit of the crowd response coming through in the mix, which gives a good idea of the atmosphere. I have my last gig there coming up in a little more than a week, closing the We Love… Space season with the very last set on the terrace. Can’t wait to be back next year.

Favourite track(s) from the mix?

Joris Voorn: There's a few unreleased gems in there. Around eight minutes there’s Daniel Dub’s ‘In The Vibe’, coming out on Rejected soon. Around 26 minutes there’s Mark Fanciulli’s ‘The Tide’, also on Rejected, this was a massive hit in Ibiza this year.

Do you have a set process for creating a mix or does it vary each time?

Joris Voorn: There’s never a set process, you just look at the crowd and try to feel what they’re up for. You just have to make sure the start of the set is a solid welcome, but from there it can really go anywhere. I like to go as deep as possible if the crowd can follow where I’m going.

Which of your own remixes have you been most satisfied with?

Joris Voorn: I like my edit of Mark Fanciulli's 'The Tide' a lot, it's quite minimal and close to the original but a little deeper. I've also been playing my remix for Goldfrapp for over a year in pretty much every set.

What are some of your favourite tracks to play live at the moment?

Joris Voorn: I love playing unreleased tracks from my Rejected label, they can be my own or tracks friends give me. It’s the best way to test the waters and make sure whatever comes out on the label works on the floor 100%.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2011 and beyond?

Joris Voorn: The year is set, gig-wise, so more touring will follow through autumn and the start of winter. I have my first all night long set coming up at Ministry Of Sound on October 29, which I’m very excited about. Besides that I’m trying to complete my new album soon.

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