ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Ital Tek

One of contemporary electronica’s most interesting talents
ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Ital Tek

Modern electronica maverick Ital Tek grabs control of this week’s Clash podcast, and a fine 40 minutes it is too.

Hailing from Brighton, Ital Tek – Alan Myson – has been producing his unique take on jittery IDM and skewed, dubbed-up bastardisations for the past five years on a variety of labels, finally ending up on the esteemed Planet Mu.

Myson’s Clash mix takes in a variety of deliciously twisted electronic flavours, opening with a remix of one of his own tunes from fellow Mu buddy and dubstepper Ikonika, before taking in other Itak Tek cuts – including a selection from his latest album, the rather marvellous ‘Midnight Colour’ – and tracks from excellent electronica act Subeena, tough dub duo Vex’d and the glitchy goodness of Harmonic 313.

A sterling selection of tracks from one of contemporary electronica’s most interesting talents. Definitely not one to miss.




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Ital Tek Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Ital Tek - Moment In Blue (Ikonika Remix) - (Planet Mu)

2. Subeena - Picture (Opit)

3. Ital Tek - Prophet - (White)

4. Falty DL - I’m gonna show you something (White)

5. Ramadanman – Don’t change for me (Hessle Audio)

6. Ital Tek - Once - (White)

7. Oriol - Memories (Planet Mu)

8. Terror Danjah - Upton Lane (Planet Mu)

9. Vex’d - Shinju Bridge (Planet Mu)

10. Ital Tek - Spectrum Falls (Atom River)

11. Ital Tek - Strangelove V.I.P (Planet Mu)

12. Ital Tek - Neon Arc (Planet Mu)

13. Ital Tek - Talis (Planet Mu)

14. Ital Tek - Babel (Planet Mu)

15. Harmonic 313 - Battlestar remix (Warp)

16. Ital Tek - Siren (White)

17. Jaylib - The Heist (Stonesthrow)

18. Ital Tek - Crush Horizon (Planet Mu)

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