Urban bliss, basically

Stepping up to inject some colourful and very welcome garage-rave tones into the Clash DJ podcast are Hot City – a duo (DJ Haus and DJ Benz) whose bold, groove-based approach to 2-step techno (check the delicious dischordant pulse of ‘Another Girl’ and the huge, revival beats of ‘Twist’) has rightly won them a hell of a lot of admirers in the past 12 months.

Hot City’s Clash mix starts off in future-soulful style with Brooklyn producer Brenmar’s ‘Boy U Got Me’, before going darker, deeper and dancier with some glittery rave from Unknown to the Unknown (an alias of Hot City’s Haus) and then into the familiar jumpy synth line of Neon Jung’s ‘Just Can’t Leave it Alone’. Also featured are talented Brixton producer Photomachine, grime-houser Slackk, a splash of Lethal Bizzle and some choice selections from Hot City themselves.

Urban bliss, basically – exactly how a club soundtrack should sound.

Hot City are playing Room Two of Fabric London this Friday, 19 April, with other
acts including Kode9, L-Vis 1990 and Cooly G.

ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Hot City by clashmusic


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Hot City DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. Brenmar - Boy U Got Me

2. Unknown to the Unknown - Assassin

3. Neon Jung – Just Can’t Leave it Alone

4. Photomachine - Technicolor

5. Voltron - Discobelle

6. Hypno - Dilemma (Octa Push Remix)

7. Slackk - Fire Flies

8. Hot City - Going Down

9. Lethal Bizzle - Pow 2011

10. Unknown - Grazing

11. Hot City - Go Bang

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