Featuring Oneohtrix Point Never, Burial, The Dirty Projectors

The mysterious Gazelle Twin, the creation of Brighton's Elizabeth Walling, supplies this week's DJ mix featuring tracks from Oneohtrix Point Never, Burial, The Dirty Projectors, PVT, Grouper, John Foxx and, a DJ mix first, Tears For Fears.

We previously featured Gazelle Twin as a One To Watch noting that she was cut from the same cloth as Fever Ray's Karin Dreijer Andersson. Read the interview HERE.

Listen to the mix above, download it for later enjoyment below, or grab on iTunes HERE.

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Gazelle Twin Tracklist

1. Alan Splet - Space Travel With Changing Choral Textures
2. PVT - Community
3. Gazelle Twin - Bell Tower (unreleased remix by Bernholz)
4. Grouper - Alien Observer
5. Dorit Chrysler - Satellite
6. Gori Women's Choir - Archaica I
7. Gazelle Twin - Far From Home
8. Burial - Distant Lights
9. Tears For Fears - Empire Building
10. Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer
11. Bruce Gilbert - Here Visit
12. Autechre - Yuop
13. The Dirty Projectors - I Sit On The Ridge At Dusk (excerpt)
14. The Bulgarian Female Radio and Television Vocal Choir / Les Mystere Des Voix Bulgares - Sableyalo mi Agontza
15. John Foxx - Never Let Me Go

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