An esoteric take on upbeat urban

New grime talent DOK supplies this week’s Clash DJ mix, providing an esoteric take on upbeat urban for your listening pleasure.

Though having been active in the hastily-evolving grime scene for a number of years, DOK has chosen to keep a low profile, dipping briefly into the limelight with several Terror Danjah collaborations. Danjah was also present on DOK’s recent ‘West Coast’ EP – a innovative skewed funk take on a range of grime styles and ghetto-tech.

DOK’s mix is a fine demonstration of his fresh approach to, well, everything, as well as his love of twisting electronica into something far dirtier than it should be. Glitchy UKG, various punishing bass tracks, 2-step twists, heady hip hop and plenty of grime bastardisations are present and correct, featuring the likes of Royal T, Wookie, Preditah, various DOK cuts and remixes, and several appearances from none other than Terror Danjah. And listen out for a choppy blast of Everything but the Girl, before things take a satisfyingly heavy turn...

We caught up with DOK to chat about his mix.

Tell us about the mood of your Clash mix and some of your favourite tracks from it

My mood was relaxed

For you personally, what makes a good mix?

Practice and knowing what tunes are hot and what sounds good together.

How and when did you first start producing?

Around 2000.

Do you see yourself as a grime producer?

I see myself as just a producer. I don't limit myself to one genre but as much a I like other genres, I love grime.

You’ve collaborated with Terror Danjah in the past – how did you meet and what have you worked on together?

Well basically, I live down the road from Terror so watched him produce and he inspired me to produce, so I started producing about 2000 as I was a local DJ as well, and then got better over the years. Then I made a crazy beat and then presented it to Terror who was starting a label called Aftershock, and then I just went from there.

Music-wise, what do you have planned for the future?

I hope to travel the world and show the world what I can do.

DOK’s ‘West Coast’ EP is out now on Hyperdub.

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DOK DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. MDMA - Redlight

2. Ooaaee - Trc Dok Remix

3. Pro Plus - Dok & Terror Danjah

4. Untitled - Dok

5. Gargoyle - Preditah

6. Creeper - Danny Weed

7. Warning - Dok

8. Best Crawler - Rude Kid & Terror Danjah

9. Sidedok VIP - Dok

10. Pulse - Terror Danjah

11. Missing Step VIP - Dok

12. Hype Up - Wookie

13. Dragon Punch - Dok

14. Attack - Preditah

15. Chemical Planet VIP - Dok

16. West Coast - Dok Ft Terror Danjah

17. Golden Eye - Dok

18. Marksmen Alias - Spartan Remix

19. Untitled - Dok

20. Orangeade VIP - Royal T

21. East Coast - Dok

22. Arizona Skyz - P Jam

23. Shuffle - Teeza

24. Big Bang VIP - Dok

25. Bounce VIP - Teeza

26. Fireball - Dok

27. Set You Free Remix - Dok

28. Neon - Illmana

29. Tracker - Dok

30. Get Me 2011 - Dok

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