Ireland’s finest purveyor of techno
Diarmaid O Meara

Giving it some in the Clash podcast this week is Ireland’s finest purveyor of techno, with a mix – exclusive to Clash of course – guaranteed to widen the pupils and get the heart racing.

Since his first solo release in 2006, Diarmaid has been quickly gathering momentum from the techno community and beyond, impressing the likes of none other than Dave Clarke – no mean feat. As well as producing and DJing regularly, Diarmaid is also the owner of the aptly named Gobsmacked Records, a fine source of hard-edged much like the man himself has put together in his mix for Clash.

Beginning with the obscenely satisfying jagged crunch of his own ‘Selfish Bass’ track, Diarmaid’s mix ducks and weaves through an arrany of the finest underground techno you’re likely to hear for some time – and in case you’re wondering, there’s no minimal to be found here. It’s acid, dirty and straight-up pounding all the way. Nice.

Diarmaid’s 60 minutes also features tracks from Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlback, and Mike Humphries, in a display of unforgiving, professional and immense techno goodness.


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Diarmaid O Meara Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Selfish Bass – Diarmaid O Meara

2. Out of Bounce – Cari Lekebusch

3. Fast Forward – Odessa Soundfreaks

4. Decade of Aggression – Jesper Dahlback Remix

5. Mekong Delta – Adam Beyer Remix

6. The Stalker – Vegim

7. The Source – Diarmaid O Meara

8. MB – Luke Creed

9. Drumcomplex – Primeevil

10. Prologue – Eric Sneo

11. Tactical Recon – Mike Humphries

12. Death from Above – Diarmaid O Meara

13. Neutrons – Diarmaid O Meara remix

14. Lucid Dreams – Dj Mike

15. Nitron – Lorino

16. Anakonda – Luke Creed vs Karl Cullen Remix

17. Time Banditz – Space Djz

18. Initial – Diarmaid O Meara

19. Domination – Partick DSP

20. RipCord – Diarmaid O Meara

21. Visions of the Past – Space Djz

22. Drums of the Flatlands – Jason Speed Remix

23. Disco Murderer – Diarmaid O Meara

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