Eccentric, hugely French and infinitely listenable
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Black Devil Disco Club

There are few artists who can nail a sound so contemporary and individual after well over three decades in the game. Black Devil Disco Club, who supplies this week’s DJ podcast, is one of those artists.

In 1978, Bernard Fevre, aka Black Devil, produced his first album, ‘Disco Club’ – hugely ahead of its time, the record would come to be revered by the likes of Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert, who revelled in its dark, electronic groove, which Fevre has continued to develop over the course of his considerable career.

Eccentric, hugely French and infinitely listenable, his Clash mix takes a typically grand approach, encompassing early French dance (in the purest sense) and a retro cinematic theme, via the likes of fellow countrymen Zombie Zombie (who cover John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’), Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Midnight Express’ theme and David Shire’s unmistakable ‘Night on Disco Mountain’, from none other than ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

Speaking of disco, there’s also more than a fair nod to the genre included on the Black Devil mix (though in a typically wayward fashion), despite Fevre distancing himself from the disco scene that he helped contemporise.

Disco king or eccentric electronic innovator, the fact remains that Fevre is a bit of a genius, which is more than enough reason to check his Clash mix.

Black Devil Disco Club’s latest album, ‘Circus’, is out now on Lo Recordings.


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Black Devil Disco Club DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. Earth Message - Bernard Fevre

2. Sideral Rhytmic - Jack Arel

3. Night Fight - Eddie Warner

4. Night on Disco Mountain - David Shire

5. Nonplusultra (Black Devil Disco Club Remix) - In Flagranti

6. Stay Insane (instrumental version) - Black Devil Disco Club

7. Halloween (main theme) - Zombie Zombie

8. In Doubt feat. Cocknbullkid (Eckman Remix) - Black Devil Disco Club

9. Theme from Midnight Express (instrumental version) - Giorgio Moroder

10. Couleurs (feat. Leoni) - Karl-Heinz Schäfer

11. EVA - Jean-Jacques Perrey

12. Scoobee Doo - Les Baxter

13. To Ardent, feat. Nancy Sinatra (Vitamin Wig C remixture) - Black Devil Disco Club

14. New Situation - Giampiero Boneschi

15. Cleopatra - Georges Teperino

16. Infinity Riser (Remix Of Bernard Fevre’s Dali) - Para One & Tacteel

17. Lavoro Sereno - Di Jarrell

18. Amour, Vacances Et Baroque - Paul Piot / Paul Guiot

19. Le Ciel Nous Fait Rêver - François de Roubaix

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