Sprinkling in his own crunchy magic
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Alby Daniels

This week's DJ mix for your listening pleasure, and feel free to download it too, comes from Alby Daniels. Slicing up the spirit of R&B this young buck is sprinkling in his own crunchy magic.

His DJ mix for Clash takes in Burial, Miles Davis, Amon Tobin, Bjork, Clark, some words of wisdom from Carl Sagan and Alan Watts, and ends with Stevie Wonder's brooding 'They Won't Go When I Go'.

Listen to Alby Daniels' mix for Clash above, download it for later enjoyment below, or grab on iTunes HERE.

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Alby Daniels Tracklist

1. Alby Daniels - Loss of Ego
2. Amy Winehouse - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
3. Royce Wood Junior - Jodie
4. Carl Sagan on "The Cosmos"
5. Clark - Herr Ber
6. Bilal - Second Child
7. Alby Daniels - This Dawn
8. Blue Daisy - Only For You
9. Miles Davis - John McLaughlin
10. Romare - Down The Line
11. Dark Sky - F-Technology
12. Fantastic Mr Fox ft. Alby Daniels - Untitled
13. King Dinosaur - The Night
14. Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me (Alby D Bootleg)
15. Royce Wood Junior & Stac - Edge
16. Echo Park - Fibre Optic
17. Manni Dee - Sympathy Pass
18. Bjork - I Can't Help Loving That Man
19. Etch - I Was Afraid (Alby D. Retouch)
20. Amon Tobin - Goto 10
21. Pixelord - Iron & Cream
22. Animal As Leaders - Modern Meat
23. Airhead - Lightmeters
24. Alan Watts on "Life"
25. Totte Stankovich - Wave Crave Worries
26. King Dinosaur - Warped Reflections
27. fLako ft Dirg Gerner - Lonely Town
28. Robert Glasper Experiment - All Matter
29. Stevie Wonder - They Won't Go When I Go

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