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Interview with Peter Davias, Marketing Manager

How did 7digital start and what is your ethos?

7digital originally started in 2004, and initially started building download stores for record labels, and artists at the time. Our first artist was Muse and they did 8,000 downloads, and went quite high in the charts. From that success, we built a technology platform which we licensed to other artists and record labels. Over the years, we’ve got the licensing from all the majors and the indie labels too. We’re international, and we’ve also got the indiestore. Our goal is to create a digital marketplace; not just building shops and a site to buy from, but also a place where growing artists can upload their music.

What is your role in the company?

My role is marketing manager at 7digital. I look after the consumer side and the marketing of indie store, but our main UK site is the largest for sales out of all of them. I work with a lot of other record labels, and I’m currently doing a lot of partnerships with people like Last FM and others in the pipeline. I also deal and manage with the brand itself and all the advertising.

What key genres do you sell?

We cater for all mainstream markets; pop, rock, R‘n’B, urban and a lot of the independent indie labels like domino.

Recently, it’s been reported that 7digital announced a 300% increase in MP3 sales. Why do you think this is?

A year ago we were the only site that sold label catalogue, and it equated to about 30% of the market. Major at the time were all DRM and proved we couldn’t really compete in a market that’s fair when the majority of consumers have ipods that weren’t DRM compatible. The first was EMI, once they switched on and allowed us to sell it meant that we had more consumers to reach. People became more aware of digital culture, and Warner came on board with us this year too.

What sets you apart from the other stores on the market?

We’re a web-based service, so unlike itunes for example, we’re compatible across all the browsers and operating systems. You can download a track as many times as you like and we give people access to our services through initiatives like the indiestore, our exclusive partnerships with major label catalogues and being able to listen and download tracks again and again. And that’s the way music should be.


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