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You're based in London. What do you make of the city's music "scene"?

London's music scene really is the best of times and the worst of times right now. With the resurgence of guitar music there is a lot of new music, good and bad and a lot of competition to break through.

How did the band get together?

I set out to find a bunch of people who didn't look like the usual band crowd, I met Mario at a party in Cambridge and it turned out we shared a love for Canadian music, like Do Make Say Think and Godspeed. Everyone in the band comes from a very different background, Clare's a bit of a health freak - out jogging every morning and eating seeds and the like, Alex appeared off the back of a circus tour - playing Polka, Mario is from the Greek army and Reuben our very own son of a preacher man.

Eighties revival: good or bad?

Revival is never really the right word for me. Music's constantly evolving to represent its generation - so a revival is usually more of a reinvention. Things roll round and people are ready to hear sounds that got lost when people got bored of them in their own time. Everyone thinks of the 80s as neon Lycra and dodgy synth sounds, but you got to remember that The Police were about, the Pixies and The Cure. Those bands were amazing. When it's sounding like the cliched memory of it, the 80s thing isn't too inspiring, but British music now has benefited from a lot of that stuff.

Does Clare get bullied by the boys?

Only if she's well out of order but we normally bully Mario - he gets the brunt of it. Clare can hold her own, and of course, being gentlemen, we look out for her. Any dodgy suitors and we get Mario to unleash his army combat training. It's a scary sight seeing a grown man in a threepiece running towards you - he looks kind of like Robert De Niro in Casino when he's angry.

When can we expect lots of Captain songs on one handy CD?

We are just mixing our album at the moment with Trevor Horn who we've been recording with since the beginning of the year. Our album should be ready for release in July. It's sounding like nothing else around at the moment. Working with Trevor's been great, we've got a really different approach to the record and we've been lucky enough to have an amazing selection of guitars to play from his private collection - which was a joy.

Are there any rules that the members of Captain must strictly adhere to?

As long as everyone's there when they need to be, we're pretty happy. It's pretty hard to give people rules when they operate in such different worlds. I mean me and Mario are never going to jog and Clare doesn't do all-nighters that often - so it kind of happens how it does.

When is the best time of day to best appreciate the music of Captain?

Our music is uplifting and hopeful, so whenever you need a bit of that, it should do the trick. Sinatra does that for me, The Flaming Lips, The Cure - all those bands lift my spirits.

Who would you most like to have the opportunity to interview?

I'd like to interview Hunter S. Thompson if Johnny Depp hadn't shot his ashes into the stratosphere. Clare's a big fan of Peter Gabriel. There are so many people we'd love to meet rather than interview.

What one album could you not live without?

Rik: "The Soft Bulletin" - The Flaming Lips

Alex: "Hey Heijre"- Joni Mitchell

Clare: Sufjan Stevens - "Illinois"

Mario: Do Make Say Think - "The Landlord is Dead"

Reuben: Husker Du - "Flip Your Wig"

Whatís your biggest claim to fame so far?

We met Wayne Coyne near to our studio the other day doing an interview and gave him some fluffy dice, which was cool - that man just exudes happiness.

Do you have any unusual or celebrity fans?

t communicates which ilk you come from to other humans. Unfortunately this ends in exactly the opposite and people make judgements based on one or the other.

Steve Lamacq, Zane Lowe, Mark Lamarr and Wyclef.

How important is the band's image to you?

We like to make an effort but all have our own individual styles that we feel comfortable in.

Free stuff is generally the stuff we feel most comfortable in though.

How much thought goes into how you dress or appear on stage?

We all just get on with it, I guess. We do iron our shirts/skirts though.

What, if any, links can you see between music and fashion?

All cultural thing are linked obviously. It all reflects who we are and what we're about as human beings. It communicates which ilk you come from to other humans. Unfortunately this ends in exactly the opposite and people make judgements based on one or the other.

Which labels or designers are you particularly fond of?

Miu Miu, Prada, Jay Lindeberg (we don't own any of these - hint hint!)

Which is most important - good shoes or good hair?

They are both important, so we'll go for good hairy shoes.

What releases have we to look forward to this year from you?

We have our first single on EMI coming out on the 24th of April called "Broke" and our next single in June and our debut album in July!

The festival season will soon be upon us - are you playing any?

We will definitely be playing some festivals over the summer. All our dates will be available as they are confirmed

Tell us a secret that no one knows about Captain...

Mario shot a donkey by mistake on the Greek border mistaking it for the Turks invading whilst on national service.

Finally, go on, tell us why the name


The name Captain comes from my hyperactive black Labrador. He now lives on a golf course where he can run free and frolic in the sun.

By Rik Flynn

Image 1

Rick - Hat: Makin' Matches / Silk Scarf: Hideout - Portobello Road / Jumper: John Smedley / Trousers: PS by Paul Smith. Marco - Suit: PS by Paul Smith / Jumper: John Smedley. Alex - Top: Fred Perry / Trousers: Fred Perry.

Image 2

Rup: Cardigan: Gap / Top: Fred Perry / Trousers: Zara. Clare - Cardigan: J Lindeberg / Blouse: Miss Selfridge / Skirt: Paul Smith Blue / Belt: Topshop / Necklace: stylists own.

Image 3

Alex - Suit: J Lindeberg / Shirt: J Lindeberg / Belt: J Lindeberg / Tie: Topman / Shoes: Azor.

Image 4

Claire - Dress: Diane Von Fustenberg / Necklace: Miss Madame.

Image 5

Rup - Jumper: John Smedley / Trousers: Zara. Claire - Dress: Diane Von Fustenberg.

Image 6

Rick - Hat as before / Scarf: Hide out / Jumper: PS by Paul Smith / Trousers: PS by Paul Smith / Shoes: J Lindeberg.

Image 7

Marco - Top: Fred Perry / Trousers: PS by Paul Smith / Socks: Topman / Shoes: J Lindeberg. Rick: Hat: Makin' @ Matches / Silk Scarf: Hide Out - Portobello Road / Jumper: John Smedley / Trousers: PS by Paul Smith.

Image 8

Claire - Betty Jackson / Belt: Topshop / Skirt: Betty Jackson


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