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Big Beach Boutique is always an intriguing event.

Whether it's the British seaside weather being a bit naughty or the organisers struggling to gauge just how many thousands of people will descend to the south coast there's always an air of unpredictability. This year that unpredictability will be magnified by the fact that no one quite knows who the star of the show, Norman Cook, will be turning up as.

With rumours abound that his Fatboy Slim alter-ego has taken an early retirement, this year Brighton's revellers will be looking forward to something completely different.

Apparently instead of bringing along his portly gaunt DJ friend, Mr Cook will instead invite the Brighton Port Authority to perform with him, a group of muckers he jammed with in the 70s. Apparently this illustrious set of session musicians secretly jammed with Norman but never intended to release any material.

Sound a bit ker-azy? Off the wall, far fetched maybe? Well don't worry because via the medium of the blog Norman's explained it all and it makes perfect sense...

"The Brighton Port Authority were an outfit who built a huge word-of-mouth reputation on England’s south coast from the early 1970s onwards before petering out in the mid-‘90s. From what can be easily pieced together, they were a loose-limbed jamming unit, originally known as the Brighton Phonographic Association. At its core were local musicians Norman Cook and Simon Thornton who gathered various singers and session men around them, built the rather ramshackle BPA studio, and would occasionally hold multi-day warehouse parties from which their semi-legendary reputation stems."

Oh right, but why did they split up and not release anything? Oh of course, it was because most of the leftfield collective upped sticks and moved to northern Portugal to set up a yoga retreat and the rest of the musicians were forced to swear to omerta - silence - by the dictating conductor Norman Cook.

So it seems that now the BPA's music has finally been unearthed, Norman thinks that the only place it can be suitably debuted is the biggest party his home town has to offer, the fourth annual Big Beach Boutique. And Norman being Norman, didn't do anything by halves even in the 70s, as this album features some fairly stellar collaborations.

A juxtaposition of two English greats, David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal, comprises as the first single, 'Toe Jam', while other major artists include Iggy Pop, X-press 2's Ashley Beedle and there's even a performance from Jamie T who obviously recorded his tune 'Local Town' in the late 70s. Hasn't he aged something lovely?

The performance at Big Beach Boutique will be a bit of a teaser for the crowd as Brighton Port Authority's album isn't due for release until March next year, but at Clash we're delighted to announce we have a pre-teaser teaser available to our readers.

From September 22nd fans will be able to exclusively stream six tracks from the mysterious album, listen to them below.


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