Directed by Craig Murray...

The lone female.

A stock trait in horror and action movies, the figure of the lone female has come to mean many things. Ultimately, though, the site of a bass ass feminine figure turning the tables on her male adversaries is just plain cool.

Blood Red Shoes clearly agree, with their latest video using this same trope. 'In Time To Voices' features Laura-Mary Carter battling her way through an alley, before Steven Ansell delivers the final coup de grace.

Film maker Craig Murray took charge, and seemingly the director is an old friend of the band's. Steven Ansell: “We got in touch with an old friend of ours, Craig Murray, who we've known for years from the punk scene but never worked with before…. his first video for us is our favourite one to date! No surprise really as punk rockers always do it better.”

'In Time To Voices' is out now. Watch the video below.


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