"They're Alright" sez Peter Doherty

Pete Doherty gives this London threesome his coveted seal of approval with a rather succinct quote on their MySpace, “They’re Alright!”

One of London’s best kept secrets, Bleech are made up of sisters Jennifer, Katherine and their school pal Matt. Raised amongst the boozy choruses and power-pop chords of ’90s Britpop, the young trio have carried with them the best their childhood soundtrack had to offer. Lifting the pop sensibilities of the era and mixing it with the riff heavy rock of contemporary bands like The Subways and The Vines, the band take the best of two worlds and combine them in their own very special way. With the sisters leading the assault on vocals, critics have been quick to draw parallels with bands like Elastica and Pixies, but, as Jennifer insists, there’s plenty more there than recycled ’90s themes. “I don’t think we sound anything like them. I’ve only got one song from either band on my iPod. I think it’s just a matter of having girls in the band.”

Bleech’s first single ‘Is It True Boys Don’t Cry?’ is an itchy, angst-driven blast, all staccato riffs and punk-like vocals. “My life is going on so fast,” snarls Jennifer between stabs of guitars - a thought that seems resonate in the restless threesome. Unabashedly “formed from a packet of ProPlus pills”, Bleech and their gutsy compositions brim with energy and crackle with excitement. Their enthusiasm has been duly noted; radio stations all over the country have been going wobbly at the knees for the band and their radio-friendly sound. Bleech have already landed sessions on XFM, BBC Radio 6, and Radio 1 veteran Steve Lamacq has even admitted he listened to the band’s demo “every day”. The perfect vessel for Bleech’s three-minute, instantly memorable romps, radio is set to play a key role in the band’s ascent.

Jennifer seems to know it too, talking of progress and success like it’s a matter of destiny. “We’re polishing off our album at the moment,” she excitedly reveals. “We’ve got enough songs for two! Generally we haven’t got a main writer. Matt might say to me, “I’ve got a riff”, and I’ll write melodies over it and they’ll we’ll have nearly an entire song already.”

Bleech are already familiar faces on the London scene and have been gigging furiously around the capital, but it wont be until this summer - when Katherine finishes school - that the group start scaling the country. First step, though, is single number one, which arrives this month on BAN*JAM, marking the new label’s first release. Not bad for a debut’s debut.

Words: John Mutch

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