Eurotrash, anyone?

Describe a Swedish band. All 60s harmonies, blonde bowl cuts and garage punk guitars, right?

Wrong. Blänk are three musicians from three completely different backgrounds. Fusing hip hop, house music, pop and God alone knows what else the trio began making waves last year.

Hot property on blogs at home and abroad, Blänk recently sealed off sessions on their debut album. ‘You’ve Never Been To Sápmi’ - dig that for a title - is out now, with the band recently shooting a new video.

Grabbing 'Doing My Dance' from the album, the video matches the music: a chaotic mixture of influences it's both attention grabbing and completely confounding.

According to the band, the video is "about the internet, and our right as human beings to be whoever we are on the internet, despite of the awful forces of the worlds big name brands who want to control what we see and who we are up there".

Check out the clip below.


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