Presenting the ‘Popcorn Pictures Extravaganza’
Big Chill 2010: Popcorn Cabaret

Sometimes at festivals, things get weird. Not in a Jeremy Kyle ‘my uncle and my pregnant girlfriend are having an affair’ kind of way, but in the sense that you see and hear things that you probably never dreamt you ever would. These are the kind of things that telling your friends back home makes it sound like you spent the weekend on some deranged acid trip. Whether it’s someone rolling fire up and down their limbs, or performers pushing at the Lycra walls of a make-shift club, try you may but you’ll always fail to do any justice to the unusual festival sights.

The Big Chill is no different, and those who have been following Clash’s Road to the Big Chill will know that this year’s festival-goers are in for all kind of mad and magnificent displays. There’s going to be a mass photo of a bunch of naked Chillers, a towering structure set on fire and an art gallery set up inside a tent. But the ratio of weird displays to normality is set to be tipped off the scale with the introduction of The Popcorn Cabaret. Offering the marriage between the sublime and the absurd, the performance group is due to follow BFI and Warp Film and curate The Cinema Tent for Sunday at the festival.

The Popcorn Cabaret will present ‘Popcorn Pictures Extravaganza’, an evening combining their own brand of bizarre glamour with a carnival atmosphere in order to bring the Wizard of Oz to life for Big Chillers. Featuring sing-a-longs, comedy and a great deal of chaos, ‘Popcorn Pictures Extravaganza’ promises to provide one of the weirdest and most wonderful displays of the weekend. “"Popcorn Pictures Extravaganza" is a glamorous merging of circus, film, music, variety and carnivalesque comedy where audience and artists join together for a night of surreal wonderment,” explained Chris Lynam, Popcorn Cabaret host. “[We] walk the tightrope between dreams and awakenings in an explosive offering of the sublime and the absurd. Expect musical circus tangos, feathers, features, cabaret, silent comedy and plentiful supplies of life-affirming popcorn!”

With comedian Eddie Izzard branding Chris as “the most dangerously funny man on the planet”, you can be sure that this wonderfully strange club will entertain. Sounding like a warped Royal Variety performance, the show looks set to provide a hilariously eclectic version The Wizard of Oz. So let Popcorn Cabaret take you by the hand and lead you into their deranged musical world. Something tells us that on entering their weirdly intoxicating circus; reality will suddenly seem a lot less appealing.

Words by Laura Routledge

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