30. Contra
Best Of 2010 Albums - Vampire Weekend

Exactly two years after their well-received eponymous debut, Brooklyn’s Afro-pop torch bearers released ‘Contra’. On first listen, it seemed more subdued yet richer in depth and textures than its predecessor; it wasn’t as immediate, but repeated listens revealed its shimmering nuances. “Every band has an opportunity on their second album to further define their sound,” singer Ezra Koenig told Clash. “We’re very proud of [our first album], but it’s just a snapshot of us at a certain moment. You can never refl ect your entire identity with one album. So, putting out two albums allows us to expand the edges of the playing fi eld a little bit and show people more what Vampire Weekend is about.”

Best Bit: The ambitious six-minute MIA sampling, skanking Game Boy romp of ‘Diplomat’s Son’.


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