10. Hidden
Best Of 2010 Albums - These New Puritans

Thoughtful, complicated and oozing daring musicality, ‘Hidden’ is a masterpiece. Childrens choirs rub shoulders with a sonic delectation thatincludes watermelons and Japanese drums: this beat-laden, mutant LP continues to surprise even ten months after its release. Front man Jack Barnett revels in complexity. “The music sounds good because it can’t be improvised, it’s awkward to play,” he says. The growling arrangement of ‘We Want War’ and the skeletal throb of ‘Attack Music’ back him up, yet the album’s outstanding achievement is its intuitive accessibility. “We wanted to make new music that didn’t sound too experimental,” he continues. And as immediate as it is challenging, ‘Hidden’ is a remarkable success.

Best Bit: The layered, drawn out mesh of sounds on ‘Drum Courts’. Do we dance or sit back and marvel?

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