34. Be Brave
Best Of 2010 Albums - The Strange Boys

You’d be forgiven for checking your calendars while listening to ‘Be Brave’, the second album from these Dallas noiseniks. Was it really 2010? Surely it’s 1965, and this beat combo are railing against the British Invasion by beating The Rolling Stones at their own game? Nope. The Strange Boys unleash authentically ragged rock ‘n’ roll redolent of The Sonics or The Monks. Ryan Sambol’s wails and mumbles endear throughout, like Julian Casablancas’ bratty little brother, while songs like ‘Be Brave’ and ‘I See’ proved that going back to basics didn’t have to mean you couldn’t have fun in doing so. Ramshackle, rollicking, rough and raw - if you don’t like The Strange Boys you’re clearly dead.

Best Bit: The breakdown in ‘Night Might’, and the point where it kicks back into first gear...


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